iMovie ZOOM Transition – Easy Tutorial (10.1.6)

Easy tutorial on iMovie Transition. You probably know the often used Zoom Transition – if you watch Jon Olsson then you know it for sure! Heres how you do it in iMovie!

Watch the video with the zoom transition in action!
(only available on Desktop b.o. copyright)

Check out Jon Olsson

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AmpMan23 says:

Super cool!! Lot of you tubers are doing it.. gonna try it out in my next video. Thanks.

Isman Huseynov says:


jacek1989 says:

Really useful video dude as I’m stuck using iMovie whilst travelling! Will be using this for my films – check us out at youtube/allgonerogue – if you have any other good transition tips let us know

Effy Stonem says:


Kawaii Fox says:

Not that much subscribers for a channel this ✌️HELPFUL✌️

Deya says:


mhaddie says:

lol no offense but you sound like Creed from The Office imao.. Its just funny

JAY says:

very useful thx man

hung nguyen says:

amazing video

evy miu says:

you’re lowkey sounding like a mix of lil peep and jake paul

Freek Elbers says:

Where can i find the Sound effect that you used for the transition?

Lucky says:

How can I do this on iPhone?

Miguel Mart says:

good video!. I really like the quality of the audio … what microphone do you use? Thank you.

Annie Quo says:

Great tutorial! So simple.

Tony TheRealBacaboo Sanchez says:

Thank you!! Slick trick!!

James James says:

gracias! thank you very much its very useful

Bored Orange Inkling says:

you are a lovely person!! THANK YOUUU!!!

Angela Zeiglar says:

Merci!!! it’s help me alot

Smoothie's Edits says:

<3 this video. Watch the video on my channel to learn how to have more than 2 overlays in iMovie!

Ben Roland says:

Thank you so much this is a wonderful video! I subscribed to you!

TheFlutist13 Wei says:

This sounds weird with earbuds

Tiffany Gnaly says:

Thank you! 🙂

Emxsicles says:

I’ve seen SOO many editors do this and I’ve been wondering how for AGES!! Tysm 🙂

Vinc says:

Kilian Schoenenberger thank you!

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