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Today we discuss using the free editing software Lightworks!
Download Lightworks – https://www.lwks.com/


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ToTal Gaming/Reaction says:

awwww the dog is so cute <3 <3

SepticFans says:

There is not such thing as 2k… 2160p is 4k

The Fireblazer says:

How do you add a face cam

Lemonfil Loren says:

hi. how do you do the timelapse and slowmotion with this editor?

Nizam Azizul says:

he looks like Nora

Face Palm says:

Could you make a video on the “No Source for Machine Operation” please

Ashton Forbes says:

Read this was the best so i downloaded. Just need to learn how to use it now! Thanks for the vid!

Tronderose says:

It keeps messing with my audio… One time it doubled the audio with one of the tracks starting slightly before the other and it totally cut off the last word. (And no, it wasn’t cut differently, it lined up perfectly) Then on a new clip it removed the sound from the right side for a second… What’s up with that?! I put a test video on my channel so you guys can check it out…

ʜᴜʀᴍɪᴀ says:


Lensab says:

I swear the original video from lightworks was so damn boring, lucky found this one! thanks dude!

Dio Brando says:

Can Lightworks use more than two audio layers?

The Reviewing Professor says:

how can adjust each frames duration

Dafty Milk says:

this doesnt look the same as my version

Mohammada Aprilianto says:

did u make this video with lightworks?

Nathanbunny100 says:


zorrononoa says:

There’s no effects button on my timeline :/

Budgiezz says:

how do you get the toolbar on the side of the screen

Mr.Eliel says:

but why are my clips upside down

Kyle Jasinski says:

Great video!! Cursor would help, but nice tutorial.

[Bri Vlogs] says:

How can you add in music?
P.s. Awesome video its a lot more helpful than the tutorial the actual software gives you!

Krishi says:

I made a literal 1 second video, a joke for my friends.Once it was done exporting I then played the one second video and the video was actually half an hour long.

The first second was what I made, and the rest was just black. How do I stop this?

:Daniel Studios---Minecraft and More says:

This video didn’t really help. I had to figure it out myself

ThatOneScarecrow says:

Lightworks is absolutely stellar for a free editing software. My dad recommended it to me when I asked about editing stuff. Heck, some professionals use LW.

TCTS Studios says:

um, yeah, when i used lightworks 14.0.0. all of the clips i see looked diagonally and when i inserted a clip, it then crashes.

ManualZork81 says:

so much freedom

CamoSquid21YT says:

this seems legit and easy to use. what does overlapping clips do?

First&Worst says:

mine looks nothing like this what the fuck

Empyrean Conqueror says:

My tool bar doesn’t show?

JustYoloBros says:

How can you do split screen with a picture on one side and the video on the other side

Jays Sims says:

How do you add music i dont know how

Thesaif M says:

Can you do a update vid it is so weird plz do a vid

Aaron H says:

How to you put downloaded images on my project? None of them will appear, even when I have to manually search for it because I don’t have the option to open them?

Graham O'Brien says:

Excellent tutorial. Thanks

djdamage says:

how do i edit iso file in lightworks i only get the audio, or do i need to covert iso file to mpeg4 then import into lightworks. Ive tried to use eyeframe converter but it comes up with not reponding. file size is 45Gb.

Sakapooska says:

thanks for this video! i really appreciate it!

Richard vk says:

Thank you helped me more then the official tutorial!

KooMoo says:

How do i add audio?

DylValentine says:

Mine doesn’t look like this! For starters I don’t have the join/effects/advanced buttons down the bottom right. I also don’t have all those options when you right click on a clip! 🙁

Santiago Ossa says:


MilkshakeMoviesHD says:

This is a real software right? So not like the malware from Filmora?

Ashley Graham says:

Is it possible to create a black screen that have it fade into the video? I have to create an animation, and I want to know if you can make one part of the video fade into another part. Thanks

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