Pluto Lake says:

this helped a lot! thanks!

Captin Everything says:

can you zoom in on a specific part of a video in lightworks?

CutoDracon says:

Lightworks doesn’t have a section where you can add free music and sounds?

Owais 555 says:

Why I can’t use MP3 soundtrack

SkyAlex says:

how can i mute the music, it´s to loud in my video !!!

DinocrashGAMING says:

im mainly using lightworks for gaming purposes so if I wanted to add the background music would it drown out my commentary and if so is there anyway I can adjust the volume of the music?

D.U.N.E says:

I seen a few things for audio problems, so I may as well answer them in a rudimentary form. Right click the sequence bar and bring up “Audio Mixer” that should allow you to change the sounds on each track individually, or “Shift+Left Click” the audio track, hold the mouse button and you can pull up or down the level to change the sound of the track. If you “Shift+Left Click” another point on the track it will create a different node that will effect the sound from there on. I am not a pro at it so I can’t really answer much.

Stephy Macasaet says:

Hi Jony! How do you adjust the volume of the music? I’m worried it might be too loud for my video’s actual audio

moto. Jesse says:

I am Interested in how to fit clips to music. example… when a beat drops I want to be able to change clips at that moment

Sharpy16 says:

Unable to import mp4 file: Failure pleas someone help i use obs to record

WorstCaseyScenario says:

Do you know how to upload your finished video edit in Lightworks to youtube? And how to cut certain things out of long videos? I’m trying to do make up tutorials but doing my make up can take up to like 45 minutes and I don’t wanna have that long of a video when it comes to something like that. So I need to make it short by cutting out certain parts, like when I drop something, or am looking for a make up product I wanna use. I know that simple things like that in a video can make it lengthy. Thanks c:

Giorgak1s says:

like wtf i cant even import anything

homerun443 says:

“type your questions down in the comment section” – Answers two questions in 2 years…

Dan Oh says:

how do you show the dissolve ‘clip’ in your edits?

Michael H says:

Over all I find your videos a lot easier to understand than the ones that Lightworks releases. Could you do one about how to sync up an audio track to a live music vid?

Aman Banwait says:

how to lower the volume of song added to the video?

Aditi Sawarkar says:

Thank you so much! This was so helpful. I was struggling with the blend effect for a video. 🙂

burnblue says:

You said Blend and then used Dissolve. Thanks

Atomic Clan says:

i cant get the mp3 in my lightworks

Cha Ching0130 says:

Can u do a video on lightworks v14 because I don’t understand, because your using a different lightworks than me

haochen shi says:

can you make a music visualizer like audio spectrum

RoseDesignsFX says:

How To Add Screen Pumps in lightworks Pls?

Brady Krupa says:

Can u make one of how to change the volume of different audio tracks like if I have music but I want to to be quieter than my commentary

Jake wilson says:

Add tracks doesn’t show up for me

That Nerd with the Hair says:

My only complaint is that the video title was misleading. I’m trying to figure out how to use “Blend”, not “dissolve”. Thanks, anyway :/

It's_Your_Boy_Genji says:

I followed the instructions perfectly and my result was either the video popping up then the music or the other way around. The annoying thing is the reason I even bothered to watch this was so I could do an intro for a channel I’m starting up and this just frustrates me. Please help.

Average Squares says:

Every time I try to add a transition it says not enough something something to overlap at this cut

Evrbroken says:

nice vid come check my channel out!~

Dial L for Literal says:

I was looking to know how to blend two tracks. If I have a V2 over which I need a V1 in opaque. Tried much stuff but its not coming as I want. I though by blending you meant blending two videos by putting over each other while keeping one opaque, as well.

hemidoge says:

how come every body can add tracks but me ivve been sitting here for half an hour looking for an answer and the all say the same way but when i try theres no add tracks option

Joaquim Mata says:

thanks for nothing dude.
just a recommendation, don´t go for teacher. please, choose any other kind of job.

Ben Connelly says:

Thank you so much exactly what i was looking for. ( :

Zuckey says:

Slow down

Anthony R. Sierra says:

How do you remove background noise?

The Cactus Show says:

how can you lower the volume of the background song?

Slick and Natty says:

thanks this tutorial helped us… perfect

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