How To Edit With Lightworks FREE Version – Part 1

This is how i edit with Lightworks editing software. I use the free version for all of my videos. I am not a professional editor. This is the very simplistic version of basic editing, and might not be the “correct” way to edit professionally.

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Volume3739 says:

dude i heard that intro and then that voice o-o whattt

Gary Orlando says:

I still cant find the tools toolbar. It doesn’t show up. On my opening screen there is a gear on the top right that is system settings. Opening this shows me a “user interface” Under that is, key assignment, appearance,wording,full screen window,show hints,show tooltips and project layout. Any help would be appreciated

Calculated Gaming says:

I just downloaded lightworks and now the play button is on the video, not the bottom of the screen, and it doesn’t say in and out. Did they change it, cause now I don’t know what to do.

tal goldberg says:

hello 🙂
can you please help me? i just downloaded lightworks and i hit a little bump… when i import videos from my phone to the software it shows the video horizontaly. do you know how i can rotate the video?
sorry for bad english. i would appreciate any help you can give me

Karla Olvis says:

Thank you so much for making this tutorial. I’m glad I found this because all I see are pro editing stuff and I’m in a mess when it comes to that. This really helped me a lot. You’re amazing!

Calculated Gaming says:

nvm i read ron’s comment i found it

Rithik Dias says:

How can I do slow motion or speed up videos?? x

Keeks TheGreat says:

you literally saved me from having a mental breakdown ! thank you so much !

baddmanaz says:

at 0:22, i went “awwwww”. hey, thanx for this

n k says:

This video saved my day. Thank you very much dear. Absolutely fantastic

mike _V says:

sry I have a problem: a have made a video in lightworks for the last few days and I almost finised. But accidentally I pressed the cross on the right hand corner of the editing window. it closed without asking anything! Is there a way to get my editing back? i’v tryed everything! Thanks for reading and answering:)

Rami Agonistes says:

Nice video. I like the fact that you are kind of a novice yourself. It makes it less intimidating to follow along!

Junior Mastermind says:

you were so helpful thanks,I SUBED

SensaiMan says:

Thanks for your kind help and advice.

Infoseye says:

Very informative thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alpha6five says:

I installed this and it does the same thing GoPro studio does, says program is not responding! I have installed the updated version and was told it works with all computers! Need help please! Thanks

bass rookie says:

Can you use video from a GoPro card on this lightworks studio

TinaPlayzWhatever says:

Ty so much this really helped, I love you’re channel. Im sad this only gets about 50 views 🙁 Your really amazing!

Scrubby Cuber says:

i have my new intro made but when i go to render it, it lasts like 30 hours, how can i make it end

TinaPlayzWhatever says:

Please make a seperate video going in depth of how to download this. Thanks

Ian Strashoon says:

How do I save my work and to a USB?. Can you please cover this in a more detailed video…otherwise good

JacobTheSuperGamer says:

Can u make  an intro for me plz

Rithik Dias says:

Also how would you rotate videos? 🙂 x

Rohit Dhuri says:

thanks a lot.. really informative

JacobTheSuperGamer says:

Hey I really need a new intro rn… So yeah ill  give you a shoutout ( yes I cant find someone to continue ) so yeah! thx!

Smouchy Smouch says:

Good vid MrsMel, looking forward to part 2

Monkey Man says:

I am not able to like see the “Yellow Bar” thing that helps lower the sound of certain bits of the vid. It is just a white dotted line that runs across and my mouse doesn’t change when I go over it.

sbriscoe13 says:

thank you. Very helpful

VictoriaDoesStuff says:

Jacob that’s cool. I want one tho. also why not use old pc

ecw141685 says:

you are awesome,great explanation!!!!

Ju Rehman says:

hi, Thanks for the nice video. How can we add text or slides or subtitle here?

Joeyfishing says:

Great video! I’ve watched others put out there by pro editors and didn’t get it. You’re a regular person and I understand you so much better.

Ayushi Nagalia says:

perfect <3

Rami Agonistes says:

Hey Mel. Did you make a part 2 because if you did I couldn’t find it. One thing you didn’t cover that I’d like to see is edit a video clip but rearrange the order. For example the clip in your video had stuff cut out (in/out tool) but it was in chronological order. Hope the question/request makes sense.

DatGuySmoke ! says:

how do i get my tool bar?

TheCuteArrow says:

I don’t have the controls in the bottom how do I get them?

Calculated Gaming says:

I can’t get my computer to actually play the video when an intro is added into lightworks, even though it is a very good computer. Is it something with the software, or do you need a super good computer to use it without lagging?

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