How to Greenscreen in Lightworks Tutorial

In this video I show you Step by Step on how to Greenscreen in Lightworks.

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link to LIGHTWORKS download,d.b2w


Noah Jackson says:

thank you

DANWE dude says:

Nice work…and thanks

Stickman Rep says:

Thanks for the tutorial

LlapinthSounds says:

Thank you very much! 😉

manuel stupu says:

press this button and then that button and then the other button and you r done…… tnx a lot ….

rocknets says:

How do I colour correct the top layer only? At the moment, any colour correction I do also affects the background. Colour correction is an essential part of the greenscreen process and I just can’t work out how to do it in Lightworks.

TheGingerOrange says:

How would you add a video that has a greenscreen?

47Gigs says:

You just earned a new subscriber!

Film Form Studios says:

Whenever I got to green screen someting It put’s the same image at the back even though i put a different one at the back

Steven Phantom says:

This is perfect! thank you so much!

BassToThe A.C.E says:

tried this for my mlg green screen it worked thanks

JoshDoesYoutube says:

Is light works free if so is it watermarked

Kitty Playz MSP says:

i love your eyes

TheFrenchPlays Hd says:

HELP!!! Whenever i try to chromakey an greenscreen, Wen i put on the effect, it crops the entire scene out, instead of just the green background. THE PERSONS Aren’t green, and they also don’t look grenish enough for a computer to mismatch them…

And then i can see the background of the greenscreen, altough, i made it invisible.

The Video-order is rigth (top = greenscreen, bottom = backg).

Hope, you can fix my issue 🙂

GluedVibes says:

Is it possible to make stuff smaller or move around like crazy.

sujan mridha says:

Hi …….. Jony you are always great. thanks for value adding content

G B says:

aaaah this video is too old!! interface is totally different for me. Plus I found green screen on newest but it’s not working 🙁


wow i am the 10,000 Viewer lol, and i know i seen this video before but you have great tutorials i like to watch them, speaking of green screens i just bought mine, and getting started.

Blade Foxfairy says:

can you make the custom background transparent?for stuff like animated watermarks?

Ethan Holloway says:

Lightworks is truly great thank you Jony 😀

Ivar Willigenburg says:

how to get that white thingy

Wairrorbonnie says:

lightworks is so complicated holy shit.
apparently, my screen is black and there’s no video.
fucking program.

Mystery Talk says:

I have all the same things in my task bar accept firefox

C.T.Tutorials says:

good tutorial

Jared Draper says:


Omar Torres says:

whenever I make any cuts or something then when I play the video with the new edits it lags bad! what could be the problem? I have the free download version off


cool video good job i liked and subscribed

Some Guy says:

My exported videos are all automatically put at 120% when I edited them at 100% speed, how can I fix this ?

BfelArtworks says:

Like ! Good explained


Hey I just got the Light Works Pro, and they gave me free gift Boris FX and Boris Graffiti, i got an out right Edition there was a special 50% off

Leena Valtapaz says:

THANK YOU!! I made Shia LaBeouf in front of the Temple of Time! Thanks ;D

ChaoticXeno says:

what is your mic?

Fledron says:

Nice Thank You


wow this is the best tutorial on green/blue screening i’ve seen thank you now i know how to blue screen!

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