How to Trim Video in Lightworks

This is fast tutorial showing you how to trim your video in Lightworks. I know most people of probably know how to but some people don’t so I hope it helps! Enjoy!


Czedrick's Lists says:

0:44 im such a proffesional?

Strikes says:

thx now I can finally do cut coms

Morgan Yardley says:

why is the audio delayed on mine and the video is poor quality

Seberdoodle says:

Thank you so much! I can finally finish my Geography project! You’re a life-saver!

Cobwal says:


Grunge says:

thanks mate!

Spixsubject says:

can u keep audio when deleting a video

Xternal47 says:

Dam difficult to use this software. Wish it was more user friendly

Brad Jones says:

Normally I’d just move on, but this was just a freakishly awful video. You don’t explain anything. At the beginning of the video you do a bunch of stuff that no new user of lightworks would understand. It’s like you assume everyone is coming in with a basic understanding, yet you called the video “how to trim video in lightworks.” Dislike for misleading title.

rabbitsiscool rocket says:

what was that random face

Didgeridoo 100 says:

Thanks so much!

Matt Domino says:

Thank you man

Davenport says:

There was a lot of talk about “This is what I do” and not necessarily what you were doing and what that function did.

ReaperWithManyNumbers says:

this helped me alot, thank you!

Vishal Jaiswal says:

what is the name of this game

TazVanDyk says:

very helpful thanks

FordaPlora says:

if you were pro you would know how to do this in 2017

Fluff says:

Thanks Man, You Helped Me Alot!! *Subbed + Liked*

ITS Just Youtube Mate says:

How do i add a moving image? Example like your chewbacca head!

coco water says:

i dont understanddd….!!!

Katie Pennant says:

Seriously, I have been fighting with this for I dont even know how long and you just saying nothing can be muted was the fricken answer /headdesk Thank you!

Joey N says:

i did a reaction video using this and had me and video of show. my voice was faster then the video itself

hannahphernalia says:


Kevin Archibald says:

I liked this video because it was straight to the point; to the point no fakin; cooking MCs like a pound of bacon. Cheers.

DannyXD Gaming says:

Cool video thank you!!!

BlackLung says:

fuck yeah thanks wizard

30 Day MuszeL ChallangeZ says:

hey cool video bro thnx <3

Techno152 says:

thx you help me so muchhhhh you are awsome
and what’s the game in video ???

B A says:

You sound SO HOT X____X shameless snack is shameless.

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