Is Lightworks Actually Free?

Is Lightworks free? Lightworks is a popular free video editing software, but many people question whether it is actually free, or if it is just a trial. Today, Alex attempts to explain the answer.
In short, yes, Lightworks is free. There is a pro version, and a free version.

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Julio César García Mendiola says:

So, according to what I just saw in that webpage, I can’t render a video for YouTube at 1080p?

Hesmyrr Bedwars Klan says:

I USE Lightworks free version, IT is very very good, But IT sucks because You can Only Export max 720 p

Rodin's Stinker says:

Lightworks free version sucks big time. Total bullshit. Do not download it.

Raiderx says:

Lightworks just gave me a message that i need to pay or sign in to renew my free license. I go to log in (thats what it says make it restart) but it says license unavailable

Jonnyblaze 53 says:

can you put dank memes in it

Dethmeister says:

You can’t save videos to your hard drive with Lightworks free? I looked at the comparisons between free and pro and on free it only has options to export in web ready format (H.264 / MPEG-4) directly to vimeo or youtube. Canceled my download.

Y2Journey says:

Thanks for the info!

mark jones says:

What accent?

akash mahesh says:

does it have a watermark on video

es says:

the free version. it’s unintuitive laggy it crashes, but that’s not the worst things about it.

you basically can only put picture with audio track, you can’t do much more than that. you can’t even add text onto the screen or anything.

and the exporting method is extremely unefficient. you should be able to work on many projects and then when you wanna export them all just high them all and press export and get up and walk away. while it does it when you sleep or something. light works is stupid in that when you create a new project you have to name it, then when you ready to export you HAVE TO NAME IT AGAIN. then you can’t even LEAVE THE PROJECT UNTIL IT’S DONE EXPORTING. and guess what? the EXPORTING IS EXTREMELY SLOW FOR A SOFTWARE IN 2017, it should be near instant. so you not only make terrible videos with this software, you also are forced to work inefficiently and slow. I DO NOT recommend. this is assuming it doesn’t crash or something which half the time you exporting things it crashes, and you can’t even leave if it is crashes you have to log out and log back in your computer.

if the free version sucks this bad, i’m not going to buy the upgraded version. i think i’ll aim for adobe after effects.

what i need in a video editor: fast efficient working such as rapidly working on lots of projects. name them as i go, and then export them all in 1 click. this way it’s doing the time consuming part when i’m done with everything not as i go holding me back. be able to ad text to a blank screen for the video. and fast exporting speed, and doesn’t have bugs and things in it designed for further gimp your productivity and efficiency. lightworks is none of this.

Zippy Zepeda says:

does it have the watermark

Optimal Supreme says:

and they lie about this also –> For over 25 years Lightworks editor has been at the forefront of film editing The classic Amiga with the Toaster/Flyer using the Screamer and Oven . Amiga was ahead of them ,and still is ahaed of anybody and of coure lighworks. Amiga is Still used , yes . Not many True as there are so few left of the Classic Amigas .Point is they are being used. I have caught many in a lie. So if you cant trust them in this simple free .You surely can’t trust them in that statement ,and you can’t

Jusaywen TV says:

I’m sticking with Filmora. Thanks for clarifying though.

Benjamin Scherer says:

Lightworks 14 Free doesn’t allow exporting into 1080p anymore.

Wammy 2 says:

Luv your accent

COOL 2d TOUCH says:

+ 1 like + subscribe

kleedham says:

Well yes, the free version of Lightworks will sort of work. But getting it to do anything useful seems to be almost impossible. First it wouldn’t load at all – crashed loading the R3D plugin. Investigate that – remove R3D plugin. Now Lightworks loads, but it won’t import any video from my camera (Mobius 1080p30). So I use another program to transcode to MP4 for Youtube. Now Lightworks will import the videos and play them internally… but it won’t export anything – says ‘system cannot find the file’. So… it seems to me the ‘free’ version costs too much. I can find better uses for my time than this nonsense.

Baro The Mage says:

Lightworks Free is worse than Windows Movie Maker. At least I can export videos to fucking file.

Jeffie Jeff's Art says:

You can’t export at 1080p…

Paul A says:

If only there were videos that answered these types of questions for every subject.

gourav solur says:

thankyou for the information


The software itself isn’t that bad but considering you can no longer export to 1080p it is not worth using in my opinion.
Edit: Cannot export to 1080p in the free version, you have to have pro.

Ernest Caravalho says:

Thanks for the clear information.

GlitchEmpire says:

is it posible that i can get back on my lightworks acc because i got vids i dint export it and it wont let me get on it

totallynota scam says:

i tried light works free version, it sucked only thing i could do really was put picture with audio track and even then it was wonky, and took forever to do. i wanted to make alot of my mp3’s into mp4’s via just put up a picture with the track. and this light works program was aweful. it lags, i freezes and you have to start your work over that you was exporting.. exporting takes forever, and so long that you stack alot of exporting. way too long it should export nearly instant. there is times where something you exporting stops working , and you can’t close light works when that happens you have to log out of your computer and log back in. it’s really stupid, it’s the only program i ever seen say you can’t leave this project with an exporting is taking place. espeically more stupid with that export project is error’d’ and you need to close it but it won’t let you close the export project nor light works itself nor can you start a new project.

everything takes forever when it is working. and again, only real thing i could really was put picture with audio track at which the program was terrible time waster for achieving that simple task.

df ps says:

So free doesn’t even do 1080p HD? May as well forget Lightworks free version entirely

Rolls Up says:

after 7 to 8 days in free version you will need to verify it again why?

Jackie Dines says:

Prasad, no matter how many times I tried to re enter my user name and password if just keeps saying invalid, absolute rubbish software.

Andrew Herby says:

Cool thanks I can’t wait for the video about using it I just subbed!

Miss O.P. says:

ty for going over this i sub. going to try and get on light works im use to final cut pro but my machine is dying i have no money to stay in the mac uni for cheap. no will to mess with hackish again.

Oilforbeard says:


Jackie Dines says:

I tried it for a while, but by the time I was able to actually produce a decent video it has locked me out, saying that my license has expired. Really they are just pestering you to pay I think. Generally if I find something that I need in the way of software I am happy to pay/contribute something, but in this case my use will be very limited, so I do not want a bloody monthly subscription!!

Leopoldo Padron says:

The short answer is no, just no. I can say this definitively after downloading Lightworks, and spending an entire day I will never get back wrestling with its controls and getting to the point where I can create a clip. Its only then that you learn that you can’t export to anything useful. You CAN make a Vimeo or Youtube clip (and it won’t even let you without supplying your full account info, FYI) but to make an actual file in any useful format which you can control, be preared to pay pay pay. A full license is north of $400.

So ignore all the weasel copy out in the internet and let’s be dead clear about this: Lightworks is a for pay software with a severely crippled “free” version as an enticement. Period full stop.

Project Helisexuality says:

What is this people are saying about YouTube and Vimeo? You can just export to an actual file on your PC, right?

Also, can you get this running on an old, weak PC? Obviously it wouldn’t be good for long sessions of using it, but could you just about get a clip wrapped up?

I’m just looking for a really good, but free, chroma keyer.

Frozen Elysium says:

Thanks Alot! Worked for me

dinosaur202 says:

No. Lightworks is NOT free.
First of all, the free version is crap. You can barely do anything, you can only upload in 720p (not as bad as most of them but still), you can’t turn the video into a file on your PC, you have to upload it directly to YouTube or Vimeo, that means if there is any mistakes, you have to go to your video manager and delete it, not knowing what you did wrong, because Lightworks does not give ANY instructions. And at the bottom of the main page, there is a little red message hidden from you that says “Sign-in/registration required in 7 days.” So please shut your fat mouth about how it’s not a trail, it’s blatantly obvious that it is.

Angeline Chen says:

is lightworks free only can 7 days?

Flipzy says:

Start uploading more?

Lps TwentyOneCrybabies MV says:

Does lightworks have a watermark?

CrispeXmobile says:

Downloading now. Let’s hope it works.

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