Lightworks 12 – Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Lightworks version 12. Lightworks v12 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
Full Guide here:
Enable SUBTITLES if you have troubles at understanding the accent. Leave feedback if you can!

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Last Panda says:

All I want to know is how to edit and save!

Cable Butkus says:

Thank you very much for the tutorial! 🙂

Team burger says:

umm where are you from your voice sounds funny 🙂

Retronaut says:

Installed – watched this tutorial – uninstalled.

Mr moO says:

Hi there. Good video thank you for sharing this informaton with us 🙂

Annette Deane says:

why? WHY??? we have gone back 15 years, this is impossible. why cant we just REGISTER in the normal human way the rest of the world understands??

Hidayati Maulida says:

thanks a lot. your explanations are good for beginner like me

MoVlogamer says:

0:9 Deez Vdeo

Alexandre Bauer says:

Nice accent

gaming kids says:

my ant loading

SammyRatty says:

Good video I could actually understand it but I am wondering is it possible to add a split screen?

Jojo Kori says:

thanks and i love your accent :)))))

Marin Lupulescu says:

Uninstall,it s very hard, i don t want to learn a very different program. Don t look like a normal non linniar video editing software.

Caleb Able says:

It looks like a good editor. I’m having the problem that LightWorks will not detect my clips in my file system, I click to import the files but my Tube folder appears empty even though it’s full of 3GP files.

Not my name Not my name says:

Accent is lovely but better at 1.25 speed.

FalconFetus8 says:

I don’t have a tools window on the left. What do?

Anti098 says:

sorella il tuo inglese è scadente

Zenssei says:

Your voice reminds me of patricia from gta 5


You sound like Lana from wwe

Adrian Roalkvam says:

i not understund

Eddy Ducreo says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. Please keep posting 🙂

Nightcore Nina says:

I love her accent but I reminds me of Helga from Liza’s channel lololol

Francesco Starace says:

a me sembri italiana

LEVEL 7 CREW says:

What to do now becoz there are no options like test and tut its only create a new project but dont want to create a new one i want to use the ready made one

Aniket Kumar says:

This was really helpful, thanks!!

Ron Porter says:

thank you for the video, finally someone who talks slow enough to understand, many I have seen must be in a speed contest!!

A says:

brilliant – grazie!

Toby Bull says:

This is least intuitive piece of software I’ve ever tried to use. Impossible to use. Not worth it. Uninstall.

Fleeting Salamander says:

Might be unrelated to the video, but I feel like making love to that accent……

mer red says:

This program is build around his own world of non intuitive, non standard concepts and symbols: rooms, edits, … . The structure of the functionality is chaotic and unclear. This is the first video editing program where I had tot struggle for a long time just to find out how to split a clip and remove the first part! An example of how to make things understandable: name the tree usual tracks by default Video1, AudioRight1, AudioLeft1 instead of V1, A1, A2. I’m trying my best, because they say it has many possibilities, but I doubt that I will continue using it.

Preyaan Ray says:

Are you russian?

Preston Swooper says:

Great tutorial thanks!

X Ramer says:

where are you from?

grvonny says:

this is actually a very helpful video. thanks!!

A whocares says:

i don’t understand a fuck of this

Trapdoor Majesty says:

My fingers smell like chocolate cake.

Fawzan Fawzi says:

why you disable the like dislike button?

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