Lightworks 14 2018 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

Start making professional videos for free in 2018 with Lightworks 14. This video tutorial will show you how to use Lightworks 14 from start to finish. Many lessons are packed into this tutorial to get the most out of this free video editor. Use Lightworks to create great videos for YouTube or to save to your computer. Use the timestamps below to pick the Lightworks lesson you want.

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0:49 Create project
1:55 Import media
3:26 Viewing clips
4:10 Bringing clips to timeline
5:07 Timeline adjustments and viewing
7:45 Editing in Lightworks
12:54 Adding special effects in Lightworks (Color correction)
16:02 Adding text in Lightworks
20:34 Keyframes in Lightworks
22:33 Adding transitions in Lightworks
24:17 Adjusting audio in Lightworks
27:00 Creating sequences
28:37 Exporting your finished sequence in Lightworks


Stuart Barriskell says:

I’ve imported a motorcycle cam vid but theres no sound… what am I doing wrong..

Tarique Shaikh says:

when I am trying to put a clip with sound the sound part does not carry into editing

mybatman6126 says:


Divine Willy says:


Matthew Saunders says:

dude. Thank u so much

pengweneth ùwú says:

I have a penpal in Korea who wants to knoe what life in California is like. I decided to do vlogs, but had no idea how to edit videos. This helped me a lot! Thank you very much!

Ander Cade Gaming says:

I normally don’t like tutorial channels, but this really helped. It was concise and straight to the point, and as a new editor this was the best source i’ve found.

THATGUY 63016 says:

is lightworks safe tho?

Skorfajo says:

okay that tutorial was amazing the only question u didn’t answered is how I can work with greenscreen etc. but i’m sure i will find out somwere else

striker1211 says:

Great video. Unfortunately my very FIRST video I tried to export came out messed up due to the different frame rates of source video. Uninstalling. You get what you pay for…. though it is amazing even Windows Movie Maker could handle outputting this same project at the correct framerate. Thumbs up on the video though.

Taylor Van Anne says:

This is a great tutorial. Straight to the point; no filler. The first 14 min of this video is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Paul M says:

Fantastic content!!!

Steve Chancellor says:


Stina says:

This is such a beautiful tutorial omg I’m getting an A on this project

Simply_Scarzelin says:

how do I add audio and edit video audio? I couldn’t find it or I just have really bad eyesight.

phant0 says:

thank you for the tutorial. My only video editing experience I had before was with the crappy MS Movie Maker and although Lightworks is an infinitely more capable program it is also extremely counter intuitive to use for those who don’t have experience with these kinds of programs before. Trying to use this program without a tutorial will most likely result in an infinite loop of swearing caused by not being able to do what you want to do, then accidentally doing something entirely different you didn’t want to do, then making things ever worse by trying to undo it.

mybatman6126 says:


mybatman6126 says:


Poop ismism says:

Can this software be used commercially? Like to make a video for newly weds?

levi cruz says:

I right-clicked the video segment then chose “speed…”, but nothing popped up

Ock Knottin says:

How does one make a video like he did where your talking in front of the video you created…? Tia

EA. Edits says:

what if your video is stretched. How do you fix that. How do u make the video fit in all the way.

Juicy Oranges says:

i’m watching this in March 2019

airkiss23 says:

WOW! Such a great tutorial. Thanks for your hard work! You saved me!

Walyon Craneo says:

Cheers, You’ve been such a brilliant help mate!

Kronik says:

I tried to download pirate sony vegas from 7 different links, now I am here

muziekmindtwister says:

thanks, is there a way to just save the project? instead of exporting. It does save automaticly but that way i cannot switch back and forth between back up savings.

Rene Showalter says:

what software are you using to show us your screen as well as your avatar?? Tried Loom for my clients and it was horrible. Kept jumping and wouldn’t allow me to resume recording if I hit “stop” — thank you!

Laurent De Serres Bérard says:

When i use picture, and ”play” them, they are suddenly blurry… i dont get it… How can i use still pictures in a montage?

Olin Phillips says:

One question. Does Lightworks have any viruses?

Zak Gaming says:

Thanks so mush I am not good at editing and I have been trying to find a good one and easy to do to

sound mind says:

you have done amazing job with this tutorial man

QTR0 says:

Everytime I try to pull down the Music for the video, it just goes into the video itself… it’s bugging me a lot

mybatman6126 says:


BeingBlack OnEarth says:

Excellent tutorial – quite comprehensive. You covered all the beginner basics. I actually went to school for animation, but haven’t done any editing in years. I forgot it all! This was a great refresher: easy to follow and understand

nolimit4tek says:

outstanding tutorial for a newb!

Bionic Rusty says:

Awesome tutorial. ♥️
I watched from start to finish and then again.
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.

sound mind says:

you have done amazing job with this tutorial man

WAAAG 64 says:

i cant select a video it doesn’t pop up 🙁

Jay Calopez says:

Hi sir i would like to say you’re the greatest tutor ever. Thanks it’s help a lot 🙂

Bacon Master25 says:

ren s I agree I can finally start my yt channel


just got a Surface Pro to use to edit videos. I’ve been using SHAREfactory on my PS4, it makes decent videos, but looking for a free editing software to try out. I enjoued this tutorial. I’m gonna test it out. Thanks!!

Scax says:

thx it really helped good job but the green screen goes crazy sometimes

MadaboutMotors Autograss says:

Fantastic Tutorial, one of the best lightworks tutorials I’ve come across on YouTube. Great in depth how-to’s. For anyone looking to split a clip, Move your marker then Hit delete on KB. Thanks again for this video Teacher’s Tech, New sub from me..

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