Lightworks 14 – Basics 1

We look at the new version of Lightwave and getting started with editing our movies.

All clips were downloaded from the excellent site.

The Lightworks Video Series:

Basics 2 –
Titles and Overlays –
Working with Audio –
Picture in Picture –
Making an advert / Intro –


Sean Cresswell says:

This has helped me so much. Thank you so much.

George Bohan says:

Keep up the good work. I’ve been looking at Lightworks Tutorial videos all morning. I learn a bit from each one but yours is the best I’ve seen so far (including the videos produced by Lightworks itself). If you could do a tutorial on using green screen and another on integrating different assets (Powerpoint slides, pics, etc.) , we’d all be very appreciative, I’m sure.

travellife08 says:

Very helpful and concise. Thank you.

Armen Karapetjan says:

best tutorial

ADyingTeddyBear says:

I’m having a problem uploading my videos after I edit, it says something about widescreen 16.9 and to fix it to get better resolution? Help?

jens kofod hansen says:

Very good tutorial, easy to understand. Thanks! 🙂

Atom Nous says:

I’m liking the new Lightworks! Thanks.

DanScribla says:

Thank you so much, I had just watched several other Lightworks tutorials and got absolutely nowhere. Looking forward to watching the rest of your lightworks tutorials.

Frosty Piss says:

You are the bees.

othtic says:

Thanks! I and O shortcut really helps me alot

baby jesus says:

The best tutorial for beginners available. Can you send me the link to the rest?

Mark Rodriguez says:

Best tutorial I’ve found.

Carl Upshon says:

Excellent video, thank you. Well explained, clicks follow your instructions, a massive help.

jack stephens says:

not sure why my videos from my folders that i have imported to lightworks are not loading, this means that i cant watch the clip and i cant do anything else than import them. could it be a wifi problem eg to slow

Jonny Oates says:

Hi there. I hope you can help. I’ve been told that using lightworks you can zoom in to a video to crop the outside (like zooming in on a camera). I don’t have a mouse, just the pad on my laptop. Please could you help with this? Thanks. Jonny.

Sam Caldbick says:

Great video! I’m an absolute beginner and was able to follow along comfortably. Cheers.

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS says:

This was so helpful thank you

THE TONE SHOW starring Anthony Tone Nunez says:

Great video to get you started! Clear, Simple, and great pacing for a beginner to follow.

Sydney waffles says:

I say, why would somebody use this product? It is a rented program rented programs existed briefly in the 90s and nobody would rent the programs so all the companies went out of business. The only products that remained rented were anti-malware/antivirus products. There are lots of movie editing programs which you purchase and you own and they are of better quality and support more video formats. To rent this program for a year would cost over 200 pounds sterling even on a Windows system so what is the point of renting a program? Or even using the basic version when you could own a fully fledged video editing program of better quality for less money. What is the purpose?

Foto experten says:

This is the best tutorial i have seen so far for lightworks. You talk easy, understandable, slow and also spot on. Thank you

max sammich says:

any tips on how to adjust the audio levels in the most recent update?

Eyrion says:

Soooo helpful thank you!

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