Lightworks 14 – How to Apply Effects, Transitions and Text [VFX and AUDIO]

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning how to apply Effects, Transitions and Text on Lightworks version 14. Lightworks v14 getting started, basics.
Full Guide here:
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a13ozdrpepper says:

Is this video using the free version? My keyframes aren’t working.

thepartyguy Fx says:

thank you

Tuckow Playzzz says:

can u add clips with this

MasterMandarinMinecraft //M.M.M says:

So how do you save the video again? this is so complicated it’s too much for me. Editing on android was so much more effective easy but the output resolution was not as high and it is limited

mariskie fan says:

how to split an audio pleasee

Mr. Meeseeks says:


Bob Burkett says:

Amazingly powerful software. The tutorials are excellent!!

trop yes says:

When i add effect I get nee fx track, and you get that little square on that part of the video. How can I turn on that option?

Michael Sharpes says:

great videos.

HORRUS29 says:

But how do you add an audio track like music to be played over the video instead of the original sound of the video clip?

Grumbo Jumbo says:

How do I add in still images?

The Albino Shadow says:

I recommend you do what I did. Record a few short clips of gameplay or whatever and play around with the editor trying different edits in each clip. I downloaded 30 second clips from my Xbox account via and saved them to my computer. Then put the clips through the editor and tried different tools and techniques with each one. If you want, go watch my oldest three or four videos on my channel (those were my practice runs with the short clips I’m talking about). Any questions about how any of that is done just leave a comment.

Marcelo Andrade says:

Can I make a “picture in picture” effect? I desire to show a person as a teacher and the text by her side.

PlashMon says:


RashPlatinum says:

i need to overlay clips, please anyone help me

Femboy 87 says:

thank you so much for this! i was beating myself up over how the transition mechanic changed in this software, you were very helpful 🙂

xJqspxr_ says:

How can I add a slow-motion effect???

Heme Imvu says:

Ur english has improved.

Marc Bailey says:

Does this have any effects for videos?

Anonymous_Gaming says:

how do u zoom?

dklamara says:

i have a very short video, does anyone know how to remove the blank part at the end?

Doowoppiddy One says:

Bai, do you think you can do a tutorial on just editing motion pictures?…The thing is, I can get to the point adding contrast or gamma or sharpen aspect of Lightsworks but I just cant figure how to record the film when I finish editing…I’m totally lost–can you help me?…..Ric

Odynous says:

how can i zoom in the video?

Ozaryk says:

Are there any visual effects that allow you to rotate the clip over a set period of time? Fir instance, a rotation of 20 degrees over 1 second or 60 degrees over 1 second? The 60 degrees one would be an easier example to explain, so I will do that.

Let’s say someone made a video at 60fps and set it up to rotate 60 degrees over 1 second (or more, whom knows, but I will use 60). Over the next 60 frames, it rotates by 1 degree every frame. With this said, if I were to increase the 60 to 360, it would he a 360 degree spin over the course of 6 seconds. I would certainly want to be able to spin the screen faster than my example, but I am mainly wondering if it is possible to do it in LightWorks. I know I can do it in VideoPad.

In addition to this, I have another question regarding it… Is it also possible to have the clip spin off screen in a specified direction? Let’s say I wanted to make the screen spin as many times as necessary so it can keep spinning until it is off screen and I wanted it to spin off of the right side of the screen… or left… or between top and top right… Can it be done? If so, can I have the screen spin off the right side of the screen and come back on from the left side, or any other location on the screen?

Erwin Rz says:

this tutorial is very good. but can you please tell me how to save effect I have set ?

I usually add my logo in my video. in previous version of lightworks I can easily add the effect (using split screen) that I have set the size and position, so I don’t have to set again in other video, but I can’t find it in this new version.

can somebody help me? Thanks

milita squad says:

how do I fix my audio my video don’t have any sounds at all go to my channel it on it don’t know how to fix it

Destiny Simmerx says:

dose the video save on mp4 ?

Tristen_YT says:

is it the skills factory or bai?

Destiny Simmerx says:

wish it would use green screens

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