Lightworks 14 Titles and Overlays

We’ll discuss how to get titles into our movies, as well as a couple of small tricks of how to get black screens into our movie.

The Lightworks Video Series:

Basics 1 –
Basics 2 –
Working with Audio –
Picture in Picture –
Making an advert / Intro –
Split Screen with Animations –
Problems with Transitions –
Adding Multiple Titles to a Clip –
Adding Overlapping Titles to a Clip –
Zoom in and out using Animations –


Han Bao says:

how to insert a small video into the corner of the big video?

Davidson Paulo says:

Lightworks has the worse user interface of any software I’ve ever used in my entire life. There’s not one single action that’s intuitive. You absolutely need to read/watch a tutorial to learn how to do anything. Very frustrating. But hey, at least it works like a charm.

Christopher Nagel says:

Well done . I found the place tu make Titles because of you XD.

justawfulgamer says:

when i go back to edit, the title still blacks out the video

Speedy says:

Hello there! I need some help quickly, Im trying to insert text into the middle of my video and have it overlayed, however it keeps creating a black screen with the text in the middle of the video before continuing please help!

DaytonaJim78 says:

Thanks buddy! Your videos helped alot!!!!


Maybe you can do how to insert images in your next video like picture in picture and video in video. When I attempted to include text in the middle of the video I kept getting negative numbers on my volume even though it was locked, weird. Great Video!

Andy Chamberlain Music says:

what did you do?
It looks like you just double clicked it again…

chaws5 says:

Thank you so much! You’ve helped very much! Keep up the Good Work!

Daniel Conde says:

Nice tutorial, thanks!

DjAp dSF says:

Thank you so much. You make it so easy to use this software.

GiGi says:

Total newbie here, so my apologies… I think someone asked this question below but I’m having trouble following. Trying to edit a volleyball video. I want to have the score in the bottom right corner on almost every clip. I have a VFX Title perfectly sized and positioned on my first clip. I want to copy this text (including the size/position) onto the next clip, edit the text to reflect the new score, copy onto next clip, edit score, etc. Is this possible? The thought of having to reposition, resize, and retype the score on every clips sounds…awful.

VIDYOL says:

my text isn’t transprant

Love Nature says:

i just want to thank you for your percise and easy to understand tutorials.

CeCe PopNLock Princess says:

clear and easy..

JohnnyPham Piano says:

Great video!

Zeyad Fouda says:

How can you set the timing for your blur

Reece Baker says:

Great video! How do you add text during the middle of a video?

Mark Edwards says:

Super introduction to Lightworks. Took me from no knowledge to having some idea of what I was doing very quickly. Many thanks.

eric molimard says:

Hi mate, loving your tuts very clear and easy to follow.
I have one issue that creeps up and I don’t get what it is. I inserted a title following your instructions, unfolded it so it goes onto the FX1 track. I have disabled the gradient fill. The problem is that I get a black screen during the title even though the video track is still colour in.
I can find any settings relating to that. If I delete it I get a black space in the FX track. I am puzzled. Hope you can help. Thank you

Miss Gypsy says:

This is what exactly I was looking for. Thank you so much.

Sam Biersack says:

Great tutorial, but I’m p sure you can move the clips around how ever you want, I do it all the time?

Gabriel Stinson says:

How do you switch from one title to another during the same clip? I don’t want to change any of my other effects.

VividActivIT says:

Is it possible to copy and paste a text template, instead of creating a new text effect everytime. I just want to change the text content without having to create a new text box, position it like the previous one, change the font, the size, etc. etc. it feels like a really tedious process in Lightworks! Any help would really be appreciated.

Cirby Beatbox says:

Thank you!!!

Karan Chavda says:

I can increase the speed of video the same way you did the still image in boat video?

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