Lightworks 14 – Working with Audio

This video will go through the basics of getting your audio into your Lightworks projects.

The Lightworks Video Series:

Basics 1 –
Basics 2 –
Titles and Overlays –
Picture in Picture –
Making an advert / Intro –
Split Screen with Animations –


Tokei says:

im new to editing and needed to know to to edit sound this was perfect for all the basic stuff i’ll be doing as i learn thank you <3

JR Bullet says:

nice easy and useful good job

Jay King says:

I cant hear audio from my video clips, or added music.

Ronnie Ron says:

Why does Lightworks Have Audio Synch issues and when using the program the Audio will not playback like a normal video?

Why when I import 2 audio clips exactly the same does lightworks interpret them differently one being Attached to a video track and another an exact replica wav file but they are out of synch by half a frame…. But I can not move the audio half a frame…

The Audio is so broken in this program…..

Zack Chips says:

I was starting to get pretty salty, all the other videos say “press right click and you’ll see some buttons” No I don’t!!
Thank you so much for this video!

Phoenix Nebula says:

How do you even get audio files in light works?

Eric Simendinger says:

How do you crossfade audio?

Skkorm says:

I was ready to pull my hair out before I found your channel, bless you sir.

TheHappySerpant says:

is there a way to like increase the volumee from a capture devise and decrease the volume of a screen capture for gaming videos?

Serenity eSports says:

Helped a bunch, thanks!

Mark Jarrett says:

Thank you for putting together these videos. Many of the other YouTube tutorials over complicate things. Your videos a clear and concise. I have a time-lapse clip of a gannet colony. This is the first of many that I want to edit post rendering. I want to produce an audio that recreates the cacophony of thousands of birds squabbling, bickering and calling. I have 4 audio tracks. I want to combine all the tracks so that they are all playing at the same time. How can I do that?

JARP says:

dumb question: if a audio is already low there’s no way to make it louder?

Slee Entertainment says:

What did you use for screen capture

lildiamondx says:

Your tutorials are really great, thank you !

Mujassam Ali Studio says:

Can we add images only with a background of an audio of our own choice ? Kindly ignore if it looks like a silly questions because i am very new to this software, waiting for the reply anxiously!

Vanatice says:

I used .mp3 files in Lightworks and it changed the pitch. Do I have to use .wav files to fix that, is what you mean? If it is, thanks!

eric molimard says:

Such a good teacher, very clear and easy to understand, thank you.

Definition Nutrition TV says:

This id easy and awesome

Jesse 89 says:

At 10:15 you can change the audio setting, but for some reason I can`t (ever since I had to update to 14.0). Can you help me?

Paul Barrett says:

great tutorial thank you

Cecilio Ruiz says:

Very good videos. How do you configure the environments ? (Lightworks 14)

Pro Gamer 1337 says:

If you audio is super slow Speed it to 200% it might work

Vhbbh Vvbbb says:

These are very informative videos. I’m literally pausing and taking notes like its a college lecture lol. Thanks for the tips man.

Slee Entertainment says:

I saved my video on light works but i want to put it in my library so i can upload it.

Sean Jenkins says:

thank u so much u answered my querstion

jackson productions says:

why does my video talk so fast

adiksaff says:

Clear instruction dude =)

But I’m looking for more advanced audio techniques, such cutting & reattaching audio for specific parts (e.g. Song intro, until first chorus, then splicing the first chorus with the ending chorus, to come up with roughly 1 minute long audio).

Can you point me to a place where I can learn to do this with Lightworks 14? It’s for a choreography piece I’m putting together

mason mills says:

wow i’m dumb, thanks

J H says:

Where you got your sounds?

Swastik Swarup Das says:

Really nice

sharmo says:

thank u sir helpful

OG Sklizzle says:

how do i change pitch tho

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