Lightworks 14 – Zoom in and out using Animations

We use a 2D DVE to zoom in and out of clip. We then use Keyframes to make the whole thing look really professional

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Cash 509 says:

So here’s what I’m trying to do:
Zoom into image A, dissolve to image B which isn’t zoomed in.
How do I dissolve *without* both images being zoomed?

Monish Sharaf says:

thank you

YoutubeLP says:

i like your voice.

Ren Mota says:


Pejt says:

Thank you a lot, I will definetaly use this

we3r1 says:

Another excellent video! Love the tones in your voice. My voice is so flat. I not only need a body double, I need a voice double too! Ha ha.

Alias Jim Wirth says:

Really nice tutorial; really good. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Shake Dash says:

can we make a video not in a rectangular format but in a square format? As in so it doesnt need to be zoomed and hence no black portions

Pascal Huisman says:

Pretty cool effect. Very natural. I will use it. Thank you

Straight up Owen says:

What button do you press to go in frame by frame

CharlesQC-FR says:

May I use this for my top 5 Video editing software video? I will give c
redit in the description and in the video!

Tomasz Gawłowski says:

kurwa kocham cie

Emma Dunn says:

Thank you so so much!

Shane Campbell says:

thank you so much for this!

Christian Bopp says:

Superb video. Extremely helpful and thank you for all the hard work – your tutorials kick ass!

Melant’s Montages says:

Can you show how to do a freeze frame and slow motion video please

awild grandpa says:

the effect of the zoom is very nice to mememakers.

MunchingKitty says:

thank you. very helpful

AhmedM06 says:

1 year challenge

Grotug says:

Thank you for this great tutorial! I am still having a difficult time. Is it not possible to change the keyframes and the clocks after you have set them? I can’t figure out how to modify any of these settings. If I don’t like how the zoom looks after I’ve set the keyframe and the clocks I have to delete the DVE and drop it in again and set the parameters anew. Is there some way to modify the parameters to tweak them until I like them without having to remove the DVE and drop it again each time? Thanks!

Dora Del Fabbro says:

This is so helpful, clearly explained, thank you so much!

Janus Sandsgaard says:

Excellent! Your Lightworks tutorials are great. Please keep making them.

Barunava Pal says:

Your videos really helped me a lot to learn LightWorks. I’ve a requirement and would like to get some direction from you. I have a stage performance video where random people walks in front of the camera. In a video of about 4:30 minutes I have about 5-6 such interruptions. Few of them are fast moving (2-3 frames) which I can probably cut off without much effect on the continuity but few are slow. What do you think is the best way to handle this? I know I probably can’t remove all of them but a few of them are really distracting. Thank you in advance

Can Durdu says:

Thanks .

Plawanjyoti Talukdar says:

Make the tutorials bit often. they r great

Gunnie's Lets Fly VFR says:

Hi .. Love the vids. So so helpful. My biggest question is work flow ..
Once you have a series if clips what order should we apply fades between .. add dvi and colour corrections .. it seems if effects are unfolded there are things that dont show on other video tracks. A do it in this order guide would be invaluable. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

SJW611 says:

Good explanation of the basics, but I wish there were an easier way to do ease-in and ease-out in Lightworks. Trying to use the graphs usually doesn’t work well, what I do is put in an extra keyframe near beginning and end of zoom to slow down the rate briefly just after beginning and just before end, but would be nice if it were automated as it is in PIP effect in Avid!

Kyrie Kookaburra says:

Woah,super helpful! Still no clue what i’m doing though,so i’ll have to mess around more.

Monish Sharaf says:

thank you

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