Lightworks Beta V14 Tutorial – Major Improvements – Verson 14 Lightworks Video Editor – Linux

lightworks beta version 14 has some major improvements. in this video i run through the improvements made to the new version of lightworks v14, this is a lightworks tutorial how to video


Chinyere Ibelegbu says:

Thank you soooo much for this tutorial. But my video keeps pausing , only the audio keeps sounding please do you know what could be wrong ?

Rocky M says:

can anyone please tell me how to activate the free version when its expired ??? cos my free membership is expired ;(

Sylvester Brouer says:

how do u speed op things??

America says:

Hey Matty Tripps, I hope you can help me out. So I finally figured out how to use Lightworks thanks to you and I’ve created my video with video clips, overlayed audio, and pictures. But when I go to save my video it only saves the original videos and audio. Please help me, I’m so close to being done and being unable to save is the only thing keeping me from world domination. Any and all help is appreciated.

Nickeynick says:

hey, how would you change the speed rate of a video


How do you reverse clips?

JustforFun says:

For a reverse Video you did have to open the vfx and than press the button speed

Alrael says:

thank you,really good explanation!!

Angel of Dark says:

hahahhaha Nc title;kawdawdawdawksfakhw hahahha

teamZarror says:

I don’t like the new version because you always have to change the page for adding effects etc.

I & T Soccer says:

Matty Tripps what camera do u use?

MyStepps says:

Somethings I really like except.. every time I do a freeze frame it does it’s own thing..
I have been using same as vegas pro, ie, the last video frame, I mark it in and out and I use alt + v, set the speed to 0% etc etc and I play the clip and LW, as put some thing else in to my freeze frame, with Vegas pro, it doe’s what I tell it to do, so what am I doing wrong

Acoustic Cetra says:

For some reason I don’t have “add” under “effects’ when I right click… So I don’t have all those effects. I have only the options “settings’ and “remove’. Is it because it’s a free version?


how can i make a cut

Aleksi Ahtikari says:

holy shiet dude, you should make more of these tutorial thingys! actually i dont even know if you already have, because this is first video from you that i’ve seen. i like your style, its like ADHD kid gets excited, still staying on subject with enough humor. Definitely thumbsup!

how about slomo? is that issue fixed, when you play a 15 second clip at 50% speed, it becomes a 15 second clip with 50% speed or does it automatically turn into a 30 second clip?

Street Defiance says:

How do you play reverse video. It used to be right at the bottom of the speed settings and now its gone.

FallenNightmare Gaming says:

is there a way i can save this video on my pc

Ali BabaAhmed says:

Literally all I needed was the first 30 seconds of this video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I Am An Adult says:

how do you rotate footage in this???

MyStepps says:

No good it woun’t do backward rcording

Slinomo says:

thx 🙂

Xavier Myers says:

Great. And I was just learning how to use the last version. Well, I guess it’s for the best.

ninjaanime says:

nice inglesh love it

Mark Botelho says:

Have you found a way to do a Ken Burns effect?

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