Lightworks Slow Motion Tutorial

I hope this tutorial is very helpful for you and your Lightworks journey! It took me ages to find this out, and there were absolutely no other tutorials like this one. (That I could find) I hope you enjoyed!


KG Vexx says:

this man is a GENIUS! Thx for the help :3

I know that says:

Is it gonna be still laggy when you export it?

JangMi95 says:


P.S. loved the part about “they’re dumbasses”

Nautical Narwhal says:

I upgraded to Lightworks 14 and there is no longer an advanced options button, can anyone help me?

Love0Me0Hate says:

Thanks man! I needed to learn how to do this to better edit my videos. I appreciate the vid.

PandAndy says:

i love you! (no homo) thank you!

the Top Rock Project says:

I like your video but that’s not how my lightworks, works. I do that and it just plays right through like normal only looks awful, same in the export file. Any thoughts on that?

Borislav Gridnev says:

Omg thx for calling people who do the “Advanced” button way dumbasses because I don’t have the button since I am on fixed layout.
Now let’s see your way.

Carlos Cardoso says:

No bullshit, simple as fuck to follow. Thank you.

Frinz says:

thanks mate

Winter Demon CloserEvening42 says:

Thank you this really helps : )

Bean Supreme Music says:

bro thank you

LKK VisuaL says:

Thanks for the tutorial!

DasRechteTwix says:

thank u soooo much

4Go Channel says:

when i do slow motion my video cut at the end of video.. video get cut or shorten… how to fix that? Tq

Athena Choe says:

You’re fucking awesome thank u

Olivia Smitherman says:

I don’t have the advance button… Help

BLG- BigLittleGaming says:

Plz make more, u sir earned a sub

Jose Valdez says:

is this the full version?

TobiRs says:

You are a legend! 😀

Linkz Sniping says:

Thank you Nate !

泽辉寿司 says:

thank for sharing ^^

Callum Lodge says:

This is an example of a perfect tutorial, straight to the point and truthful. You just gained a like.

Ian Macdonald says:

Dude, even in the new Lightworks, this shit still works! I was super confused because it was just making the whole video super long, but you’ve just solved my problem in less than three minutes! Thank you so much dude, I really appreciate it.

Cynthia Viveros Diaz says:

Great video, but when I play back the video, it freezes as the scrolling and playing is happening through the speed clip, then unfreezes once it gets back to 100%. I have it set to “Mixed fps”.

Товарищ Balthy says:

damn i am totally speachless of how much work you saved me bro
i love you man
no homo

jkiik136 says:

thank you

kysfgt says:

Thank you so much

Borislav Gridnev says:

How to open a sequence in the flexible design pls help.

Bugal Jackson says:

I’m trying to do this, but my clips are cutting into each other. Like the timeline isn’t compensating for the cut-in’s and out’s so it makes the video warp all over. What gives?

Morbidejs says:

Sorry for ruining 666 likes. 🙂 Your video answered my question!

Gabriel Quijano says:

Good video, straight to the point, easy to understand.

Marvin Juarez says:


Kim says:

Dear God thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just did in 10 seconds what I wasted 30 minutes on yesterday and yesterday I gave up because it didn’t work. Thank you.

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