Lightworks Tutorial #2 | Basic Tool Functions and Cutting/Trimming

Lightworks Tutorial:
In this video tutorial I will be teaching you guys how to cut and trim certain sections of a video as well as the audio. With that I will be showing you the basic tools and its functions around the Lightworks program.

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James Thompson says:

My interface looks really different to this, I don’t have the large empty grey areas. How do I change it to that?

Danish Toy Train says:

..he should smoke less.

Fardeen Khan says:

How do I save the trimmed video.

juan vogel says:

Thanx mate

BCT2006 says:


electro ben says:

i want the way to do the contrer…i want to soldring the videos parts

matroix gaming says:

You are the best

Ben Mitchell says:

Select the position on your timeline you want to make a separation – press ‘c’. Do this twice in the middle of the timeline, and you’ll end up with a subsection of the clip selected. Right click that selection for more options.

The Multi tasker says:

you suck bro

Jo Jo Nation says:

when you import a picture and add to the timeline, its defaulted 1 minute length, can you change the default to less? without changing each picture?

ShannonLavera says:

So when I click on the timeline, the black line does not show allowing me to separate the video and delete the other half, any suggestions?


Hi ! Lightworks . Ur app is gr8 ! But i put up a video of 6 mins and after making the time lapse of it and exporting the video turns out to be of 36 mins ! WHy is that ? :O

Borislav Gridnev says:

Doesn’t work….

Sawant Yoga says:

thank you.
helpful. i was looking for simply how to do single video… it is pretty much gave me that… apprecitae it.

HilariousOperation says:

How come you have a toolbar on the side?

I don’t have that at all.

table salt says:

Where is the delete button

HepiSepi says:

great shit man it helped a lot. i mean after soem botles of vodka evem, so ez from russia with love keep the shit goiung. you know there rararely gomes very good shait from US but you great americano

Steven van Heiningen says:

Hey, when you just click a clip or audio in the timeline it shows something about joining, what does it mean and what can you do with it?

Patrick Rooney says:

watched a bunch about this and no one answered my question! Thanks Final got it cause of you!

Aditya Sunil karle Karle says:


TheFlyingUbermensch says:

Thanks so much for this, exactly what I was looking for.

elbalajazz says:

8m only for click on “delete” omg!

tehyosh says:

8 min video, the actual instructions start at min 6 and could’ve been simply described as “select place where you want to cut and press delete”…is it really that fucking hard to be concise

GameSatax says:

Thank you!

Champion Wang says:

Thank you SO much!

Pardon My Rengar says:

hw to save the video



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