Lightworks Tutorial #3 | Basic Transitions and Video Effects

Lightworks Tutorial:
In this video I will be teaching you guys how to edit a simple video based on what we know from the last video about cutting and trimming and adding basic transitions and video effects to your videos.

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hi can you tell me wherethe flash transition is??

FlectaPlays says:

My lightwork keeps lagging. Whenever I watch it and go across the transition, it lags and skips it and I can’t see it.

cameron truitt says:

When u said outer keys what did you mean it was like around 2:00

4exgold says:

having an issue. i put in a “fade in” effect on the first clip fine, but when i try to use any transition effects in the next clips i get the error message “Video Transition Check: Not over a cut point”. This message pops up wherever i try putting in the effect, be it at the start, middle, end, anywhere! so frustrating.

Parsons says:

Nice video, I just want to know how to get a blurry wavy effect as if the person in the video is light headed and can’t see straight. Can you help?:)

GD Venus says:

Does this also work for opening transition

Average Squares says:

thank you

Erick says:

when i add effects to my videos on lightworks it lags as well for me 🙁

cameron truitt says:

And also when I do a dissolve transition or a blend transition there are little squares that pop up and not the huge blue ones please help.


well u just got a sub

DDOCTOR Gaming says:

How do you fade in and fade out the video(not the audio)?

Amazing Video Intros says:

Sweet… A good intro video will immediately let your viewersand what they can expect from your videos. See my channel for some cool intro videos.

Ucup Timposu says:

thanks for you tutorial

ThatOneScarecrow says:

Is there any way to add a break in the video? Like what pressing B (I think) in iMovie does. This would let you be able to remove certain clips. Basically cutting parts of the video so it is shortened.

Dan Oh says:

@lightworksturoials which video game is this?

RollinRoy says:

‘preciated the vid. i hesitate to try things that i don’t know when editing.
some thing i noticed while trying this:
-unless you are sitting between cuts, you will need to drag the effect over the video (usualy V1) in order to make dissolve work.

Omar Torres says:

whenever I make any cuts or something then when I play the video with the new edits it lags bad! what could be the problem? I have the free download version off

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