Lightworks Tutorial #5 | Adding Text To Videos

Lightworks Tutorial:
A Lightworks video to explain how to simply add text to videos and how to add simple effects such as typewriter or fade. Also in this video how to make the text ‘bounce’ to add in credits or at the start of videos.

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FlectaPlays says:

How do I stop the text?

Polski Daily says:

My problem appears in the beginnning: I can’t see effects bar so I can’t add anything 🙁

Wtp Bmx says:

Good Video , but when editing you should turn up the volume of the video. Im on my laptop and the vlume is up 100% but i can barely hear you.

Byron Sanchez says:

How do I get the title to stay at 0:03 to 0:07 sec i cant manage to keep it their in a permanent video.

Zach Sevilla says:

Do you know how to add text and not make it go away but stay in one spot?

good boy says:

abok loe nyang

EVO Wizard says:

how do you adjust how long it shows up for

BL JS says:

How do I scroll credits of two lines scrolling on the screen at the same time? (One line of text scrolling on the right side and one line of text scrolling on the right side? If this can’t be done. How do I scroll credits on one line that contain 50+ entries?

KobraApple says:

How do I stop the text before the video ends?

SensationalMeat says:

how do you add keyframes? mine is all greyed out and wont let me add a keyframe please help!!!!

Muddassir Husain says:

how to add different texts on multiple places in same video?

itts says:

How do you add titles that dont remain for the entirety of the video clip?
I want my titles to show up at a certain time, and then disapear a few seconds later.
Lightworks could be so much easier to use, I dont know why it’s so damn complicated and frustrating.

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