Lightworks tutorial getting started everything you need to know to get started with Lightworks

this is a video tutorial of the lightworks video editing software my version of lightworks runs on ubuntu linux. I hope with this tutorial anybody with a basic knowledge of video editing will be able to quickly learn this program and get started right after watching
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how to do a greenscreen with final cut pro x


MeshTheMovieFreak says:

I have seen several tutorial videos and yours is the easiest to understand. Thanks!

BazSound says:

sold. been frustrated with kdenlive. used to love kdenlive but since upgrading to a fairly modern machine and finding that it didnt render any faster plus kdenlive being buggy.

installed lightworks, it rendered the same clip with same fx in less than 5 minutes that kdenlive took 35 minutes to render.

Great tutorial!

matty tripps says:
for those that do not know where the buttons at the bottom of the screen are. go to the settings and set the controls to global, otherwise the same buttons that are at the bottom of my screen are at the bottom of each video player window on your screen.

I'm Blue says:

movie maker to lightworks = paint to photoshop :v

Robert Barratt says:

Hi, so i downloaded Lightworks yesterday and have just edited my first video. However i just tried to export my video, and upon watching it back one of the clips image has just gone completely black, and the image returns as soon as the next clip plays. I’ve gone back onto lightworks to try and fix this and return the image but i have no idea how. Any advice?


Sicknnasty1234 says:

i love how you talk xD

Jmac217 says:

Fuck this software! If you can’t teach me how to use this in 20 minutes I’m never using it again. 4 years later, and this garbage editor still doesn’t work for shit.

djinnov8 says:

Absolutely the most annoying and shitty bit of software that has ever been produced

psychobell45 says:

thanks for the tutorial, the program was frustrating me, this is helpful

Jia Qi says:

very helpful!! thanks 🙂

Elliott Harris says:


FFAplays says:

how do i delete the music or audio

Trophic Mist says:

anyone else make this guys voice like 0.00003% volume?

Ant Mallett says:

Ubuntu is a Zulu word – pronounced ‘ooh boon two’

notleda says:

hey  I don’t I understand how we deleted the black thing at the end of the video please help



Jade Spooners says:


PIYUZH says:

plz subs my chanal

Tmath says:

gotta funny voice should do voice acting

matty tripps says:

checkout my tutorial for the new light works version 14

Mira Mineko says:

Veery slooowly KAAAYAKING~

Pinjraxx says:

Thanks, this helped alot!

TR Studio says:

Great video.

Jackie 245 says:

6:11 Keybooood

Yy Liew says:

The menu on the bottom won’t pop up for me

SockBomb says:

Is there a way to add more audio lines?

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