Lightworks V14 Chroma Key / Green Screen Tutorial, Greenscreen Effect Lightworks

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how to do a chroma key or green screen effect in lightworks version 14. this tutorial will show you all you need to know to do a greenscreen in lightworks version 14


nickolas ninja says:

Thank you so much!


wow thanks dud it is a great help

jans1135 says:

Thanks, that’s what I needed

KiIler Bear says:

Can you do it adding it to other video?

matty tripps says:

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Toast TV says:

Omg thank you so much for this! cause i searched one year for this

Electro Green says:

Good and easy to understand tutorial. Thank you.

Roger H2O says:

Gods bless dude

Arsen Tumanyan says:

Great video
Hope you do more

[CO] Cat Origins says:

I know why I couldn’t do this now, I only had one video track! I feel so stupid. 😛
Edit: Can you only put green screens in front of images? ;c
Edit number two: I did it! Thanks so much for helping me! If I had more money I’d probably donate for this.

1223 123321 says:

guys if your goign to mess with the hue then change the hue for the background image as well otehr wise the front thingy that ur chromakeying will be a differnt variation of the color that the background is.
on this vid if u look the grass is greener than the background after he messed with the hue and it made a line between them which looks bad

Rob Monette says:

Thanks for the video. Would you say lightworks is better/easier than Kdenlive?

matty tripps says:

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Lumos by DMLite says:

Really loving your feed! ♪♪♪


Thank you for these v14 updated tuts. It helped a lot

Zimmi Prasetya says:

thanks myfriend for you’re Tutorial and it’s very helpful me..

Jacob Nalls says:

This really helped, thank you.

BOOM says:

How do you do slowmotion?

PearOD TV says:

Your tutorials have helped me create videos for my channel. Thank you for creating helpful content. Subscribed.

Nikra HD says:

Really good video!! Thanks

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