Lightworks v14 Speed: Fast Motion / Slow Motion. How to Change Speed of a Clip Lightworks 2018

this video will show you how to do a fast motion and a slow motion effect in lightworks v14 in 2018. changing the speed of a clip is actually very easy and this video will show you how to do it.


Álvaro Sierra Giraldo says:

I have 50 clips! I want to slow them!!! How can I select all of them and modify the speed…? It is Horrible to modify one by one. Besides, when I modify the video speed, the audio speed ramains the same. Then I have to fit the audio speed too. This editor is killing me!

Willian Lima says:

That’s what I’m talking about: straightfoward short video tutorial that truly helps solving problems! Great work!

Hayley De Young says:

you cant right click on mac and control/option+click doesnt work. any idea on how to do this on mac??

Ali BabaAhmed says:

How the heck do you do this in flexible though???

Not John Cena says:

I would like to say good work dude. Thanks for doing these vids because info on how to use this is pretty hard to find. Is there a possibility you could make a video on images and the different effects with them. I tried using one but the entire even though it didn’t take up the entire resolution it blacked out the entire video.

And another question. Is it possible to remove the audio from a video without moving having to make a completely separate channel to put the deletes?

matty tripps says:

If anyone likes the video enough to want to donate, then you can do so at

GameGeek says:

how do you only change the speed for a certain part of th e clip?

Cp Tech says:

how do i do this if i have a video that is like 3min and i just want to select some parts to go faster and other ones to slow down without cutting the video so i dont see transitions, is that possible?

The NaniDiaries says:


Amanda._. Rp says:

This didn’t help at all. Now I’m confused tired as fuck and annoyed as hell. But thanks for trying

andrew young says:

Straightforward and funny!!

75hilmar says:

How do you get speed under segment cmds? I Onkyo have reveal…

Imperfectly Laura says:

And if the box to change speed doesn’t appear when you click on it? Nothing happens and I need to change the speed of my video clip!

Shawn Collins says:

How would you just speed up a part of the clip instead of the full clip?

Michael T. Pyle says:

Awesome. Thanks.

Cash 509 says:

Thanks homie, dead simple. I was going mad over this!

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