lightworks V14 Tutorial – Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Lightworks version14

the new lightworks is here! version 14 has seen some major improvements. this video will show you the most important things you need to know to get started with lightworks whether your coming from an older version or if you are completely new. lightworks version 14 tutorial everything you need to know should be the only tutorial you need to get a firm understanding as to how to use this video editing software


matty tripps says:

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DUKEofWAIL says:

Does royalty-free mean I don’t pay-per-use? Buy one time and re-use?

ZW Communications says:

Yo’re a lifesaver! Great video

sised says:

pliz help me! the i can’t add the effect unfolded! it becomes black! and i want it to take a limited time ! help!


This is so good video, but is it possible to recorded own speech to video with this editor?

Nikhil Sebastian says:

Thanks a lot for the amazing video, Matty!

Stoned Linux User says:

very good video! helped a lot

Rem Plays says:

great help thank you

X_Angel Of The Dark_X says:

How can u do the video and the music at the same time?

ASH TaG says:

how do i apply fade in and fade out to my video? pls reply

Henry Scott says:

Are there any way to add image in the video?

baby jesus says:

Is this Alan Alda from mash?

Bongani Nkosi says:

This was the Hardest video editor to me, but after watching this video, i am so excited n i realised that this is the best video editor i’ve seen. Thanks a lot Im so grateful

DDOCTOR Gaming says:

How do you fade in and fade out the video(not audio)?

How Bruh says:

Thank You

EasyFlow says:

I’m using the free version and it does not show me the effects and add options, PLEASE help me

Chopto says:

Great tutorial!

Atib says:

Hey. after I edit my video’s and want to export my videos to a youtube format, I keep getting the message: The system cannot find the file specified. What do I do?

djf750 says:

excellent video, I watched 4 others and was very confused, I learned a lot from this one!!!

Susan Zwaagdijk says:

thank you Matty. I’ve had a look at a few v14 tutorials and yours is, by far, the easiest to follow and understand.

Ruben G says:

Haha Butter Junk

D T says:

Can you make a photo timelapse with this new version?

pepepe says:

total beginner here, when I import a video there’s no image, you can’t see the video but you can hear the audio. it’s a 2 hour long 30fps .avi file. help?

Ciara says:

Okay I have a question. I’m editing a makeup tutorial and the lighting washed me out, so I upped the saturation in the VFX tab, but it only changed that one specific clip. How do I apply this to the entire video?

adon d says:

great, simple and effective presentation.

Edwin Fredy says:

That was super helpful. Thanks!

Patrick Sarmiento says:

how do you rotate videos

WormyMcSquirmy says:

Bloody great tutorial. Thanks for the quick rundown!

wifi_lion xx says:

i made a vide thats a couple seconds long and thats how i want it but it keeps gouing after that how do i change that?

Bloxx Central says:

How do you add titles

Tetrys says:

omg this thing is amazing

Zee Studios says:

I just got Lightworks and this is really helpful.

Skellygames Merlin says:

Ive got the problem that I dont get my hole Vid. My CSGO Vid is about 24 min but Lightsworks is cutting the vid automaticly at 11 min. Do you know why and how I can change it? Got the Free version 14.

TheZorgonians says:

Timestamp for speeding up or slowing down clips?

Megadoom5 says:

thank you for the help

Jean-Carl Satumalay says:

lightworks isnt that good unless you pay for it. if you dont you can export in 720p and under and therefor the quality is really bad ahen u export it

la magie de la science says:

please can you help me i have problem with sycronisation :/ audio and picture

Tiger's Eye says:

Hey, I’ve got a quick question! How did you get to mark the beginning/end points? I have a mac, and i’ve tried right clicking/clicking and I’m still a bit confused. TY in advance!

Ryan Armandha says:

how do you add fx track?

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