v14 Lightworks Overview | Basic Tutorial

Lightworks Tutorial:
Today, we will look at Lightwork v14. The layout has changed quite a lot but it doesn’t mean that you can’t edit in it! A new feature that benefits everyone is the 4 new sections of the program. The sections are LOG, EDIT, VFX and AUDIO. These sections are strategically placed to help editors save time and declutter tabs and information that is not relevant to the specific task at hand. Briefly, the LOG section is all about the importation of videos and resources. It also provides additional information for those looking to create a large project or it could just be for extra information. The EDIT section is all about trimming and adjusting the videos to fit the required timing to produce a video. It features a great deal of ease and new tools that are not hard to master but confusing at first. For quick access files can be imported here as well. The VFX is where all of the video effects occur where the similarities can be made between Lightworks v12.6 and v14. What has changed is the layout and the positioning of various tools and functions. Finally, the AUDIO is all about sound and effects relating to sound. This is new therefore adding the extra professionalism to the free program. Overall still a great, if not better program than its predecessor!


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Daniel O says:

How do i add a picture next to my face while talking at the same time?

The Spiritual Centre says:

I wanted to import 1 photo, but it imported the whole set of the same name. How do I seperate the whole set in lightworks. I wanted photo3 but it imported photo3,10, I don’t know how to make them as individual photos in the time frame?

The Spiritual Centre says:

More videos on v14 please

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