3D Car Modeling Tutorial pt.1 | Autodesk Maya | Modeling a Lamborghini Huracan

Model created by Zack Anderson for 8fifty2

This tutorial is designed to teach you how to use Autodesk Maya’s tools and techniques to model a photorealistic Lamborghini Huracan.

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Setting up Blueprints in Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop Part 1 – https://youtu.be/5T7Y35OXYA8


Neurotyczny Kot says:

I don’t know much about maya coming from 3ds max perspective but are there ways to use some kind of layers to prevent spamming “undo”? In 3ds max modeling is a modification and great thing is that you can stack them (like layers) and go back to previous if you mess something up.

Serg Sche says:

subscribe =)

Ariel Shtern says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this amazing tutorial

Cholo De Los Reyes Velas says:

Does anyone here knows where can I download the blueprints ready to open in Autodesk Maya? I dont have Ps so I cant try this one

Who Blah says:

The pipe wasn’t working for me so I used a cylinder but before I started modeling I created a layer to lock the images in place. They kept moving on me not sure why.

Ali Asgar Binder says:

can you guide me from where to download the blue prints of the cars?

Humaid Ebrahim says:

finally found a good tutorial

Mustafa says:

thanks a lot . keep going we need more and more

Mohamed Gamal says:

you are amazing….thank you so much

Leon William says:

i don’t use maya but this guy is a boss in teaching.thnx

Dom says:

new subscriber. very good tutorial. a lot of people do the wheel arches bridge and exstrude up , then the roof etc. but doing it this way. makes the mesh easier for me to control. love this tutorial and thank you for the time you put into making this video . it’s very easy to understand.

Shahabmohamed Negm says:

this is amazing thank you first
i need to know what is the car name ?
please ^_^

Corey Mabbitt says:

Umm.. Need help? I’m trying to model Dodge Challenger, and it cant be modeled this way 😀


Bro teach to colour that Lamborghini

Infinitea says:

Loving this, I have been trying to find a proper tutorial on this subject for a while. So I thank you for creating these, although I would like to know where and how you find these high resolution blue prints of cars? It would help a ton in the future, thanks!

Just so you know, I’ve checked google and there are quite a few, I’m mainly asking to see if you use any specific website for your blueprints.

rinsterrr says:

Thank you so much! I started today with this, hope I get soon to the last tutorial haha, keep it up!

Heinrich Berger says:

Great! Love the way you explain, easy to understand and you learn alot about how Maya works, while you are doing this great car … thank you!

Who Blah says:

Thank you for this great tutorial.

Green Master says:

How do i rotate???


Ur perfectly awesome in teaching

0vercloaked says:

Help!, In Maya 2018 I dont have a tube I just have a Cylinder

Romick Vieira says:

The thing is im modeling cuz i have nothing to do.. SO, it wont make me any better, i dont have reason to get better… and why should i put in the work? no motivation at all. Also right now i would start to learn sculptin, i used maya last year and i had maaanay good shit already modeled, with tutorials and i thoght time to learn sculpting and then trying some mixed work. But right now, no reason…

Sej says:

Thank you for this tutorial! I know that this is just the starting point, but I am really have excited to get even this far, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to make it to the end. Just as long as these videos are consistent in their amazing presentation!

emadtheman says:

Hi! I noticed that my reference images are rendered at a much lower quality compared to yours. I know for sure that the image quality that I saved in JPG is high proven by the fact that when I use a image viewer like windows photo gallery and zoom in, I can notice that the image quality i saved in JPG is quite high. The images become low quality once I import them into Maya. It is becoming really difficult to use the images as references as it is very pixelized. I tried googling for a solution but found absolutely nothing. What should I do?

I like Jump says:

This is the first maya tutorial video i complete without stopping it so good i am new to maya i have learnt alot Thank you so much for the tutorial

Meister Wald says:

whats the difference between 3dsmax and maya and whats better to use for modelling?

Ariel Enriques says:

i think this is great i’m starting using maya but i think modeling is more easy with 3d max

Avi Schiffmann says:

I love merging the points its like connecting seperate parts of lego things together

Sude Çebi says:

How can I find the refference pictures that you used? Btw thank you for the tutorial! It will help much <3

VersatileVick_media says:

where’s the reference image please

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