3D Modeling Tutorial – modeling a Well in autodesk Maya 2018

Hello, in this tutorial I will show you how to model a well in autodesk maya 2018
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Modeling Basics in Maya 2018
Maya Tutorial for Beginners


Nai Plai says:

you must speak so everybody can undestan better

Pedro Viloria says:

at 3:22 I ctrl G, then ctrl D but it wont change position, what may be happening?

CyrielC says:

Thank you. +1 abo

sai teja Veeragoni says:

double thumsuP

Zach Pearson says:

Can you do a tutorial on texturing it?

Jyack S says:

Thank you for the tutorials, it help me so well. I want to ask you about moving vertex, it sometimes moves with the whole object, not only vertices and i dont know how to change it

Иван Хайзенберг says:

Simple and clear. Thanks. Only one thing: if bucket in the well, then there must be free space for the rope on the cylinder. but it’s trifle. 🙂

TVI says:

Love your workflow. Thank You

CGShareNet says:

Very nice!
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Rayen Dexter says:

Helped me a lot thanks

TheDrunkennOD says:

For some reason on the second box it will not let me enlarge it horizontally. Any help?

Mr.DarkBright says:

4:48 how?

George From Jungle says:

Maya = best 3D software !

Mael Mathijs says:

Hey , so I have a little probleme , when i want to use vertex and just raise juste one part of the cube , it raise up and down each part of it so..

john blain says:

im learning blender but this was very good to watch

Alejandro Calvo says:

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Valérian Denis says:

Great tuts , thanks you very much 😀

Ahmad Luthfi says:

thank you sir

רבקה סלובטיצקי says:

יצירת מופת

avikbellic911 says:

thanks for this Tutorial, i made this https://skfb.ly/6vUpI , but lol i got so lazy it turned out to be ugly for me so i changed few things a bit. Thanks for the fun stuff 😀

keonna barnes says:

at .23 how do you get the option/menu to select vertex?

kbmiscstuff says:

Very nice!

Mario Pepé says:

hello I have a problem, when I click on vertex to lengthen the cube, I select all the cube and not just the selected part because?

Vito Meli says:

Thank you man for this video!

Oliver Queen says:

clean and smooth. love it!

RedDyePie says:

I have a small problem at 0:57 when I change the curvature it affect the brick like in the video, any ideas what i did wrong ?

Myriam Kadel says:

Thanks for this tutorial, it´s really usefull

Neo Nightwing says:


AndreyRaD Q says:

Man, do it more, i like it! Do you have more such videos?)

JAY says:

master 😀

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