Autodesk Maya 2012 Tutorial-Model a Simple Soda Can

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Autodesk Maya 2012 Tutorial- Model a Simple Soda Can. This is a short video on how to make and color/texture a simple soda can. I will use a Coke logo( obtained from google images) and place it on the modeled coke to make it look more realistic. This is very simple, although, prior experience with maya 2012 would make it a lot simpler to follow.
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Lakshya Sredharan says:

quite goood

Benjie may-ag says:

Mr. Stephen Hawking can you please elaborate more about the logo thing I dont quite understand it.

Narine Limanoff says:

*Bottle Kit is available now*

The Bottle Kit for MODO is a collection of 40 high-quality assets that are ready to be dropped into your scene. The meshes are all quad, Catmul-Clarke Subdivision Surfaces making them resolution independent and ideal for easy customization. An emphasis has been placed on efficient geometry and clean topology.

Videos Hub says:

Introduction Lecture to Autodesk AutoCAD

Eddy Lopez says:

How you select the entire edge and not just part of it? I try to use the brush tool and keep selecting just one part of it

GoatHSlayer .Caricaturas says:

I just Can’t do it

STALKER marked a zone says:


Aliya Navarro says:

I love this tutorial but sometimes the instructions are a bit fast so I had to slow down the speed by 0.5

wallo says:

I am about to quit my graduation to focus on graphics and animations because I love them.

Will I get any job after learning?
please please reply

WweMariaa says:

What’s the point of this?

Ashleybradbury says:

great simple tutorials to help me learn Maya from LW and Blender

Stephen97 says:

Thank you so much!

G.Channaveer Kerimath says:

tq so much

softwarevideo says:

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al amin says:

Well Nice

SunsetBilly1903 says:

@3dEx Im using Maya 2014 I can’t do shift+. is there any new shortcut for same function in 2014?

WinMe -Now says:

very nice tutorial

Popa Margit says:

I like the tutorial 😀 How to select the edge loop all around…i have been shift-clicking every segment and i am getting bored…(i’ve just started learning it so I’m sorry for the stupid question.)

Genesis Vargas says:

Great tutorial. Thanks 😀

Apolo Knight says:


Pytrex Games says:

thnks you!! i wanted to use this program to make some videos on my chanel now i can i am making a gun on this program

shitchops says:

My view keeps snapping back about 100 meters when ever I change the angle in perspective view?? wow super frustrating.. a google search didn’t even help

kirollos magdy says:

really enjoyed it

Damien Turner says:


sailaja p says:

super but please explain slowly please as we cannot understand in the middle

Part Time says:

How Can I get Maya 2012?
Can you tell me about link?

Conor McGregor says:

How to make objects invisible but taking up space for background objects?
Does anyone know? let me know please

Al Bensmaine says:

Hello i dont find edit mesh on autodesk maya 2012 student version! Please help me …. 🙁

Fernanda Lisboa says:

Very good this video! Love it!

tutorbattle says:

tutorbattle – now free for all users!!!

JustAryan JustWow says:

Very useful didn’t like the voice though xD!!

Riana Mukherjee says:

thanks alooooot 🙂

Valdir Terra says:

Very good tutorial !!

Alin E. says:

So how do you Animate this and merge it into a video? Can you also do that with Maya? I guess at some point you have to export it for video editing into something like Adobe Premiere or Media Composer.

Genesys Labs says:

Core W100 Build :
$12000 Build : 8K/4K Render FARM Build
Thanks To Thermaltake For Support:

dragonfire810 says:

Can you teach me how model a Disney style European Dragon ?

cameron kenny says:

I Am Wondering Would You Be Able To Use This To Make Famous Landmarks An How Much Does This Cost And What Website Do You Buy It Off

F/X Art Desk says:

At 1:02 as soon as I add a third edge loop with the edge loop tool, it snaps back to an even cylindrical shape. how do i prevent that from happening?

blue perry says:

This is actually really informative, the user had showed some of the corners of how to use the tools and menu that I had no idea before

이성민 says:


Penpanit Thamalee says:

Thank you so much.

Jithu Ms says:

please give a tutorial with maya 2015 im using maya 2015
 if u need ill give the download link

Evelyn Mutti says:

I can not enable image…  when I click “6” nothing happens. Is it because I use notebook? Can you help me?

Hristomir Atanasov says:

how do you select the edge loop for later editing? once i insert the edge loop and modify it, i can’t find how to select it again. Thanks in advance

Urja Khandhediya says:

Truly Helpful!!!

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