Basic Cartoony Eye setup in Maya [TUTORIAL]

very basic tutorial on simple cartoony (dreamworks, pixar-ish) eyes in maya. Rate comment and subscribe! enjoy! 😀

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Danny Jones says:

This is beautiful, seems really easy too! This helped a lot!

Nahda Nadira says:

thank you soo much for this tutorial. it really helped.

elfxiang says:

I can’t get how to do 6:02 – 6:05, which button should I click to get it smooth without adding polygon? Someone pls help me T___T

Pere BF says:

Woow thank you!!, but can I use that with arnold render?

Dharmesh Sharma says:

great video ! thanks brother ^_^

Proxy Proxy says:

Thanks for the tutorial. I followed it to the t and now I’m up to messing with it further. I went for a more golden colour over all.

Jay M says:

Hey does anyone have any tips how to do this with Maya 2017 and Arnold? Cause my Maya and the one at my college lab has Maya 2017 and Arnold so it doesn’t have Mental Ray and the mia shaders.

Ivan Preskočil says:

Thank you for a great tutorial!!!!

Clovie Pounders says:

really great video, informative and fairly easy to follow (even if i had to rewind a bunch because i’m slow) sadly it’s very confusing to follow along with this video because i’m using maya 2016. you should really put out an updated version. thanks.

Zeba Dalal says:

How do I set the lighting settings in Arnold?

Jacob Means says:

Lol, watch the video with closed captions on if you want a laugh. Anyways, thanks for the tutorial, it seriously helped a lot!

Propergander Productions says:

So for animation is it possible to have them buldge out etc? im making my characters from 2d to 3d and i want them to be quite expressive

Svetlozar Kosev says:

all the faces are scaling…. 4:50

Mạnh Hà Vũ says:

very nice, thank you !!

Jason David says:

Nice Tutorial !

I have one little problem though… the noise isn’t rendered neither with the maya render view nor the arnold render view (Maya 2017)
I’m using some Arnold material instead of mia material, but in the viewport 2.0, I can see the noise, it just doesn’t appear on the render…
Someone knows a way to fix this ?

PS : I can see the ramp in both renderview though

adak pame says:


leung yuk ka dorothy says:

hi wanna if if mia_material can export as fbx file??? tried it but fail, shown as a grey lambert object:(

Anna Prokopeva says:

Thanks for your positive 🙂 Very helpfull video!

Ronnel Panciles says:

John, just by your surname, accent and face I thought your a Filipino, and you are. Are you from actually from Davao or Naga, cause I’m a Bicolano. I read your g+ account, so do they actually teach this sort of thing in Ateneo Animation? 
I’m really wondering cause I here at my home right now studying this sort of things by myself, cause in my previous school I was also studying by myself because they don’t teach this sort of stuff so I drop out. I’m practicing my heart out so I can be so much better and have a break, still if there’s a school here that offers quality teaching in visual effects and animation, I hope to get in and learn more, cause you know, most art base courses here are advertising, I rarely see schools here that offer a full animation course. So is Ateneo animation really good?
Nice tutorial by the way, Thank you 🙂

Vaishnavi 3D says:

Great tutorial!!! Thanks

francisco martinez says:

Thank you so much this is a very nice eye and i like the way mine came out

Abraham Animations says:

Thank you so much! 😀

Hive integrated solutions says:

this video shared in

Jon Duke says:

Eyes would be a SSS material for the white part.

Anshul Vyas says:

Great tutorial loved it man…..

Maya Minuminati says:

I do not remember being used for this.

Jake Schweihs says:

I added a 3rd layer to my layered texture where I used another noise, similar ot the first one but slightly different frequency. Then I put it on the top/left layer, set the layer type to Saturate and lastly turned the alpha down to about 25%. It really brings some additional brightness and color to the eye. Strongly recommend.

And thanks for the vid!

Mc Raiderzz says:

Wow. actually that was a good video. at the start i was like. Omfg this dude is gonna be shit. but wow… Good job

Random CuberZZ says:

35 min for this ohhhhhhhhhh is so hard

EmilyMC says:

Thankya for the Tutorial!

kbmiscstuff says:

Thank you so much WOW!

Mark Leon says:

I love this helped me so much man thank you…


helloooo i have a small problem :/ in 6:00 i can’t make “smooth” the eye… i tried so many and i’m really suck in this part TTnTT when i put #3 the eye became werid… like the “hole” who was susposed to be the color of the eye… the border is really smooth with the area of the eye TTnTT help me pleaseeee :'( i’ll be thankful

Worapat .Chanikan says:

Thank you so much and want to know how to create chibi eye

getsomegetsomenow says:

Thanks, mate!

李卓然 says:

This is really helpful, thx for sharing!!!

Will- -liam says:

This dude deserves a medal , Am subscribing.

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