CGI Tutorial HD: Create a Tornado using Maya Fluid by khalil khalilian

CGI Tutorial HD: Create a Tornado using Maya Fluid by khalil khalilian. Featured on

Learn how to create a Tornado using Maya fluids, dynamics and dynamic fields and particles to control the look of the tornado effect. Maya Tutorial by khalil khalilian.

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Juan Andrés Posada Ruiz says:

How I control the speed or the aceleration (I don’t if I explain good) of the particles? How I make the particles go slower?

Paul Vaughn says:

I agree. You really have no idea how to produce a tutorial

LadyGrace2 says:

For anyone using Maya 2016 or above i have managed to get around the issues causing problems.
When rebuilding the Surface, Make sure click the Box to choose what options you want. Select the option “Reduce” this will hopefully set the u and v range to 1. (Done many tries with fail this is the only way to get it as form U needs to be “Open” and form v “Periodic”).

For the emitters. Under the nParticles menu (under FX drop down) select Create Emitter (Under Emit section) for the correct emitters.

When you create the fluid, in the outliner select fluid and expand it. Delete the emitter under fluid as this will create fluid to be emitter from the middle which isn’t needed.

Mattia Furlan says:

Wow! I will give it a try! 🙂

RealityCheck says:

press shift + < to watch this video in slow motion

Shao Kang says:

I think I was right.

tornadolover says:


Crackles McFarly says:

Your Tornado is clockwise I’ve never seen one that was anything but COUNTCLOCKWISE ROTATION…


Brad Morrow says:

got it to work very easily, the only issue i have is the resolution of the particles is horrendously low, instead of it looking like a tornado of cloud, it looks like a nicely shaded tornado of squares, anyone know anyreason why this might be?

Derrek Horn says:

Anyone having issues getting the depth of the clouds like he has shown here? I followed the steps exactly and I’m not getting as much atmosphere around the funnel like he’s showing at 11:33

Arkatam says:

Hi! I’m Houdini! haha

Iskren Ivanov says:

When I set the particle size to 1, it doesn`t effect them like yours, to become little spheres. And the Nucleus emits particles as well and stays at the center…

vichtify says:

great demo! Mesmerising how you control your software!

Kapit0shka says:

Killed two days. A bundle of particles appeared in the middle of the tornado. For a long time I could not understand. It turned out that in the new version of the program, along with the container, an emitter appeared. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Jeremy Smith says:

put voice to your tutorials plz. thanks.

Jeremy Smith says:

something thats not working for me is changing the min/max UV ranges. if i delete history on the surface then try to rebuild the surface it tells me it is an invalid object. if i rebuild the surface without deleting history the surface just disappears. i’ve even tried rebuilding the curve first which does give me the 0 1 U range but not the 0 1 V range. any tips?


for all those complaining pls go to hell…this is a very informative video…….very clean…and so sad for the sloths who aren’t able to match that great speed


i dont have those options surface and all those please help

Destic says:

Nothing happens when I change the Particle Radius. :/ Also at the later stage where you create the 3D Container for the Fluid, they randomly start moving upwards, more and more, and increasing the size of the box, which doesnt look like it should happen. Anyone got some idea?

Benjamin Figuried says:

Can you send me this project file?  I am using 2016 and I am having issues.  It would be a tremendous help!

Anslehsaurus Rex says:

I’m using Maya 2016. for some reason, nParticle2 is a LOT more transparent than nParticle1. What do? D:

Naveen K says:

my 3d container is getting big in size itself
i am new to maya i love dynamics but i do not know how to do
i am little fearing about that
please help me
how to understand dynamics

Daniel White says:

When i try to Fluid nCache my fluid particles it renders and goes through each frame then when i try scrub back it just disappears till it delete the cache.

Steve Quantrill says:

Hows the rendering times on something like this.

BayareaJay says:

If it’s too fast just slow down the playback to .25 !

Alexandru Daniel says:

Youtube player settings»Speed»0.25. You’re welcome

참치빙수 says:

I made this but when I render it I cant see the shadow… whats the problem?

Anthony Magdelaine says:

i have a problem while adding Fluid and setting particles to EmitFromObject….
The main Emitter is spawning and growing with auto-resize enabled, but the particles Emiters seams not spawning anything..
And FluidEmitters are attached to it

Jody Trandana says:

This tutorial is completely fucked. Nothing works like it should

Ярослав Истомин says:

How to render with alpha chanel?)

Naga Sumanth says:

selected nparticle1, nparticale2 and fuild1. clicked emit from object but when i play it not emitting like in video, it’s going upwards

maayaa77 says:

Stuck on rebuild – read below 🙂

Patrick says:

hey i was following your video but for some reason i have 3 fluid emitters. 2 and 3 are on the particles 1 and 2, and number 1 is on the fluid should i delete one of them or should i just tweak the emitters on the particles?

Mohammed Alqi Fahrezi says:

can I use animation like that for game in Unity ?

Tsuryuk Chronos says:

When following this tutorial my fluid particles were much larger than yours, causing it to look much less refined and more like a hurricane than tornado, do you know why this is?

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