Corridor flood tutorial [maya bifrost] (1/4)

tutorial on how to create flood simulation vfx and integrate it with live action footage using bifrost in autodesk maya 2016.
there are 4 parts, make sure to watch the videos in order.

if you have any question, just leave your comment below 🙂


Shulhan Fauzi says:


VVF-DQ says:

What programs did you use?

Ardian Maulana Effendi says:

Nice Gan ! , Subscribed

aero batuka says:

hello thanks for made flood tutorial 🙂 and can u give us ur installation folder of pfTrack i tried to download it but i cant there has many fake sites

FKMovers says:

Sumpaaah kereen. xD

隨心 says:

Will the film using what software?


How to export tracked on boujou 5 to maya?

sara ali says:

hi can you make tutorial for this effect using maya fluids

VectroID says:

Subscribed, Good tutorial. Udah ditunggu2 nih. Kapan2 jadi guest tutor ya di website kita. 🙂

Syukri Ari says:

gan bikin grup fb donk … biar bisa sama sama belajar dan diskusi :3

Muhammad Etman says:

would you please upload the footage you used ?

Agan Syd says:


Propergander Productions says:

is pf track free?

FilmmeDrone says:

matchmove in pftrack?

Ketut Ardane says:

wah akhirnya dikeluarin juga tutorial nya makasih banyak ya mas…. sayangnya saya mesti berjuang memahami bahasa inggris nya… sekali lagi thanks

Mitigate Keeps says:

Dude, that’s amazing! You should have used a more detailed model of your hallway for it, the movement of the water isn’t quite convincing, particularly around that door, but overall great job!

李依婷 says:

hello,could u share the tracking video file that u did in this video?Cause it is hard to making tracking for me…

Power 3N says:

Can you give me org video???

CGI Indonesia says:


abdul azis says:

Tracknya pake matcmover ya?

Athanatius Enyeribe says:

awesome, whats the name of the software used in tracking the video

DSouza film says:

wonderful tutorial, you go over so much with these videos. really happy I found your channel.

Brahma Ananda says:

why u r not use camera tracking in after effect?

naufal nurfaizi says:

woow, good english

alwing elias valenzuela fuentes says:

Dude congratulations, greate video!! But i have a problem using bifrost, do you know something about “Fattal Error”? the error appears and after that maya collapse, please if you can help me i really be grateful with you, thanks a lot.

Jaffer Adams says:

HI, just wondering how you would import tracking data from after effects camera tracker?

iClarity says:

I recently downloaded PFTrack but mine is not looking the same as you.. What is your version and where did you get it ? Thank you

McRom37 says:

i know its a confusing video tutorial, man you need to break down the video in ways people can understand seem like it out of order, sorry just my thoughts,alot are not fully taught so that is why we turn to youtube to learn

the shan vines says:

which software is this

Dag Isaksson says:

Hey dude. Great tutorial. Just curious, what system specs do you have?

Rivardo Kusuma says:

orang indonesia mas?

Artur Gasparyan says:

What program did you used after jumping from after effects?

Benjamin Figuried says:

What program are you using to track this?

Imed energy says:

i can’t export jpeg sequencess to pf trak

mustafa ansari says:

0:36 you can see no flood going through from left to right
the right window hole shows it

its just my personal thought, dont you think you could fill those parts too ? or is this way better and more realistic ?

thank you for the tutorial

Motion FXD Studios says:

great man.. subscribe back please..

Matthew Oyan says:

Can we have the footage?

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