Easy Foot Modeling Tutorial in Maya

This is my very simple foot modeling workflow. Using just box modeling and simple polygon tools in Maya 2018.

Check out my hand modeling tutorial here:



Douk_a says:

it’s been a long day without you my friend…………

sh jung says:


Roosell says:

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Jean-Sébastien Mathieu says:

Thanks for going over the shortcuts you used. Even though I don’t have the need to model a foot at the moment, I could find some useful information in your video because of them! Seems like a good technique for a fast workflow.

This Random Dude says:

Damn. Awesome tutorial! I’m in my first year of studying animation and this helped alot. Keep it up!

Krutika's World says:

Amazing. Thank you so much.. #krutikaworld #radhaviraniandkrutika

TheEgyptianTornado says:

always amazing great tutorial as all your lessons thanx and waiting for more … I missed your creative style so much

Godzilion Design says:


Tornike M says:

great tut dude, but i got a problem, my maya is too slow and laggy especially when using arnold renderer. dont have problem in max and in other programs only in maya 17/18 so can u give me some tips/advices. thanks

aakash dimri says:

Missed u sir where were u it was like i lost my most loved teacher

Omen-omen says:

love the video. i think you should leave music out of it though cuz it as a bit hard to focus on your voice.

La Porta D says:

Dude I know your culture has ridiculously beautiful women and great hockey players (go Capitals) but you’re going WAY too fast for me to follow you. I mean, you went through about 4 features in a few seconds and expect us to keep up?

the so called gamer says:

awesome man!!! keep making videos

Daerob says:

Glad you’re back Alex! Is the planned car modeling series still a go?

Patrick White says:

Awesome video!

Darth kenobi says:

Alex your tutorials are awesome and will you do some gun modelling in Maya.

picosdrivethru says:

horray good to see back Alex!

Fred Shoemaker says:

great to see you do more vids. I really have learned alot from you! Keep up the GREAT work!

Bintu Shahruz says:

your method is sooo much easier than others (for a beginner like me) thank you so much!

Vinodkumar G says:

sir can you do human face modeling in a simple way ….like hand and legs please

卢家洛 says:


Rahul Pabrekar says:

thanx man really helpful….

totyshy says:

i’ve tried many ways to make foot and with this tutorial i made it thank you so much you make me step forward 🙂

Alex McRae says:

Dude I just subbed. I currently studying 3D art and your videos are just perfect. Can you old do a tut on a female character

iplaybose says:

wohooo another alex cheparev video

Tommy Taylor says:

its great to see you making another video

MinJae Song says:

Thx so much !

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