Easy Hand Modeling Tutorial in Maya

This is my very simple hand modeling workflow. Using just box modeling and simple polygon tools in Maya 2016.

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Fly Inverted Past a Jenny by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Emmanuel Ortega says:

Great help!

Demoman 982 says:

8:18 anyone else notice this? Not gonna say it, but did you notice it?

Brenda Peterson says:

I love this tutorial! amazing how you did everything in a half hour which took me 7 hours to do. XD

mysticgatekeeper says:

I’m new to Maya 2016 and I would like to ask you one question about selecting faces.   You selected the tips of the fingers and then selected the remaining faces by clicking but you didn’t state what you did.   What option did you use to select the entire finger before deleting?
Thank you.

VikkyGaming says:

what tool is that you are using for adding edge loops???

TannedBatman says:

Is that the blade runner theme? Dunno what they’re on about it ruining the moment. Like what moment is there.

Vampirerockstar says:

You extruded the middle finger first to flip the viewers off lol

Deepak M says:

thank you very much

Yukeinddk Sss says:

Hey first of all thank you for the video, you are a great modeler. I have a question, how did you select all the finger faces in minute 7:06? You probably used a keyboard shortcut but I don’t know it

LuisLizardGames says:

is this low poly or not?

Sreejith Nair says:

awesome tutorial dude, helped me a lot

Bill Smith says:

Freaking mind-blowing, man. Good stuff!

Dustin Baugh says:

I’ve been using a combination of this and Ryan Kittleson’s hand modeling tutorial for awhile now. However, I just realized every first knuckle has a six sided pole right in the middle of it. Do you have any advise on how to avoid this since posting this tutorial?

Hamid Reza Farahany says:

Thank You , Perfect .

Leonel Santos says:

Very good does more tutorials yes

Kino Go Aninang says:

I find it hard to follow

Tania Chacon says:

In minute 23:13 what short key did you use to select all faces in a row? shift what??

MyMy Kittens says:

You are going to fast.

Nenad Bacic says:

Music is fantastic for working!

Jennifer Dzieło says:

great tut. thx

Pat rice says:

it would be better without the blade runner/ tron music

PYAIR says:

hello, i place my bookmark : 11:26

Danish Shaikh says:

Is rigging possible with this hand???

Asry Wng says:

Hello Alex, at 5:19 how did you even the position of the vertex? thanks for helping

Blender Buzz says:

great tutorial, but the music is really a super fail. so hard to enjoy with that in the BG.

Con Koumis says:

Even though I use an other software this is quite useful!


nice, but the music is so distracting :/

RandolTheFox says:

Your hand is great but the thump is kinda of

Adnan Haddad says:

thats really amazing, thank u dude

Sreejith Nair says:

thank u , bro an easy way for doing a low poly hand

Mifa O.o says:

it took him 30 mins to make an awesome hand that would take me like 3 weeks probably lol 🙁 just learning. great tips !

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