Finding your Feet with XGen – XGen for beginners

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In this tutorial I go over the basics needed to get up and running with XGen.

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Tarkan Sarim:
Michael Cauchi:
Jesus Fernandez:
Tom Newbury:


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Jon Doe says:

I love the name of the pdf “how to avoid xgen making you cry” so good. Thank you for making tutorials they help a lot

Ever End says:

I really enjoy your tutorials, thank you for making it straight and clean. I am going to get a Tier 1, I really hope you will have a spare time to answer me a question on curly hair, specifically Afroamerican dense lovely curls 🙂 Is there any chance that you will release tuts on cloth simulation any time soon?

Francesco Veronese says:

Heroes exist

halafradrimx says:

So Xgen is real geometry? Not just illusion?

Yousef shahen says:

hey Danny thanks for the great tut.
quick question.. lets say i finished modifying my xgen hair and now i want to shade it or add materials to it to make it look natural instead of just brown tubes? can you please help me with that ?

- mostrandomnerd says:

There are just to many programs to learn *criesinthecorner*

Jam In Design says:


Tommy cheche says:

I didn’t understood everythings you’ve said (because i’m french) but thank You.

Anthony says:

God bless you, Daniel Macintosh.

shankar says:

hi danny mac can you do tutorial on skin shading in maya and arnold? or anything? just want to know how you approach it.

GnaReffotsirk says:

Do you have a tutorial on using XGEN and Arnold to generate a hair texture sheet, to be used for hair cards?

Родион Сигов says:

thanks for the video

Mangzorz says:

You are the best, man. Thank you so much for everything you do! 😀

Vardan Chadha says:

Sir Danny. Thank you so much for doing a beginner tutorial on XGEN. It was really helpful and the explanation was on point. I loved watching it and learned alot of basics.i thank you once again sir. Eagerly waiting for you to make a video for Zbrush modelling for beginners. Thank you once again Lots of Love.

Mike Asterios says:

fok, this accent is dooope x)

Stephany Mora says:

You are god sent!!!!!!! Tysm! <3

Mariano says:

I like this model. Looks really nice.

Douglas Giarletti says:

Best tutorial so far

Muny Reach says:

Can i create xgen hair after rigged?

Huh-Tii-Huh says:

Sir, how to change the guide size?

Miguel Angel Luna says:

Thanks a lot Danny! I’m currently using the new Interactive mode which is awesome, but kind of limiting when it comes to pony tails and animal fur, so this series comes really handy

valon iseni says:

Great tutorial, but can you make a tutorial on how to use xgen core in production pipeline, it would be great

Graham Higgins says:

Its just a programmers style interface, very fiddly.

Sanket Varia says:

adding guides is giving me error that “the add guide tool is only available for descriptions using guides” which it is because i followed your tutorial.

Krutika's World says:

Thank you so much #radhaviraniandkrutika, #krutikaworld

Krutika's World says:


Lari DK says:

Danny your videos are so cool! thank you so much!

NegroDeSangue says:

looks a lot like fiber factory.=

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