GUN MODELING in MAYA part 1 – hard surface modeling tutorial

In this series I show how to model a gun in Maya. I start with really simple low res polygon cubes, then work up to adding high res details that look like the real thing!

This video focuses on blocking in the base shape. Nailing the basic shape is extremely important – once we add details it becomes very hard to change the base shape. And worse, if we do it wrong, we end up with a lumpy model that doesn’t look like the real thing!

For reference, this gun is a Vector by the company Kriss Arms. They have plenty of great reference images on their site which is why I chose it! That and also it looks like a futuristic laser blaster.


Duulis says:

Excellent tutorial even for a beginner. The fast, no bullshit approach is great. You show how to do something that the viewer has to then use themselves so they are forced to learn instead of just following directions.

Sk Subhani says:

can any one drop a link of this ref image

Speedster says:

Can you show how to do on 3ds max

CatsMeatsMan says:

+James Taylor

I see alot of Ngons that you leave on the mesh, and (unless I didn’t notice it and I’m a dumbass) I never see you clean them up.
Did you do it, and when would you do it on a model like this?

Brock Norfleet says:

At 2:51 how do you access the cut faces tool without going to the menu’s above?

SNK Official says:

I didn’t know Jonah Hill had a Youtube channel…

Mark Karhan says:

the kriss super v

Wafflekillr says:

Anyone Whos looking for the same picture

Wafflekillr says:

Hey James are you going to release the Extended version of this?? I would buy it in a heartbeat

Swapnil Navle says:

will you please share this gun reference ?

Ronald Alcantara says:

James Taylor, why did you skip too many steps? I was gonna follow this tutorial but unfortunately, you have skipped a lot and the thing is every time you were dealing with something difficult you just skipped that part. I would have liked to say excellent tutorial.

FFS WitherCOM says:

hi i would like to how can i do the extrude well, because when do it, only the top layer moves.

brazwen says:

What kind of gun is this?

valkyrie013 says:

I want to hug you right now, seriously! SO many people don’t give a rat’s rear end on keeping all the poly’s a geometry nice and organized! I sometimes grab stuff from turbosquid or even arch interiors etc. and cry when I see how they built it… Thank you for teaching people to clean up after them selves!!

Leon William says:

james da boss

Amy Snowrise says:

Omg, this is great! I’m currently taking my Bachelor in animation and digital art and we’re designing guns now. This video TRULY is to great help! Thank you so much!!!

Kristopher Guillaume says:

Maya extrude doesnt even work that way

Mino 17 says:

i don’t understand what you did at 2:35

Thái Hoàng says:

I like the way u explain but it’s too fast for me cuz I’m just a beginner

Erik Montin says:

I’m a student right now, but I can see something that’s bothering me, and that’s that you’re using more than 5 vertix in a face, meaning in this case it’s above the magazine, and it’s not a poly or a tris?

楊溢軒 says:

I have a issue with the cut face tool by using maya 2016
I only can find the muiiticut tool , on the other side,by using muilticut,I can’t edit the vers like you,because my muilticut tool can only cut on a side,the opposite won’t comes out any edge or vers, so when I edit on the side which have vers ,the opposite won’t get any change,sometime make whole picture looking odd. I hope that you can help,thank

Epik Mikey says:

what did u use to make it

Anell Swet says:

how to i get the multicut tool to mirror the my actions to the other side of the mesh?

shubham singh waldia says:


Noah Miller says:

Love the videos! Just wondering what commands you’re using to align the edges and squash the vertices at 1:48

Marclar says:

Could you show us how to do some Fire and Rain? 😉 Nice tutorial i’m going to try this thanks!

Adonai says:

in a case such as this you don’t need to be concerned about topology, so you can generate as many ngons and triangles, am i wrong? 🙂

xhinz naoki says:

Hi James, can you explain to me what happen in 3.15 ?, below the gun trigger, did you just extrude the faces?

Bulletcurver679 says:

You make this looks so easy. I’m very new to modeling in general, and it is quite difficult

Elliot Tebbs says:

more hard surface vids please man

Alec Mitchell says:


So i’m running into a problem with the multi-cut tool while doing your tutorial. how do you make it so that when you created vertices on one side, it’ll do it on the other side, (symmetry). Autodesk website says to turn on symmetry for the object but it didn’t work

please advise, thank you


Cheesus Crust says:

When I use split polygon tool or multi-cut tool like so in 0:51 part of the video, the other side of my polygon (the back part) isnt cut 🙁 Why is that?

CyclonicTuna023 says:

How the hell did you get the model in wireframe but not your image plane?

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