Lifting A Heavy Weight Part 1 – Animation Tutorial in Maya

In this video I demonstrate how to constrain two hands to one object. This allows the animator to move that object and the hands will follow along with it. The constraints are animatable so you can have only one hand constrained for a length of time and then switch so that both hands are constrained.

Download the rig here:

Buckid was created by Zubuyer Kaolin.


Chandra Shekar Rallabandi says:

Thanks a ton 🙂 I really get confused sometimes doing that locators..

Phoenix Dan Collins says:

Thank you so much for the video- strangely enough, I was using this as reference for my dog character to pick up a object via its mouth for a test…. But on a side note, I was wondering the attribute of Thumb Cup, Finger Curl and all of those finger and thumb attribute, were they engine from cluster or a IK point constrain by any chance? I was just very curious. It looks so cool!

Eugene B. says:

hi! what about stady rigging some character?

Carlos Santos says:

What is the proper distance to create the key positions. How far is a key to another key?

Cordthundertree says:

Hey How can i move my characters arms or legs without the arrows like i can in cinema 4d?

vignesh vikki says:

send me some tutorial what u thought

Ahmed Sohail says:

i have a question hope you could answer my hands move with
the box perfectly but when i try to set key to let go off my box they stay there don’t kn0w why…!! i have set the blend parent 1 = 0 still not workin..:/

Zinogg says:

shitty animation needs better training

Soul Mane says:

After doing all of that,It didn’t animate and I put keys on all the places he said to,help me please.

la dani says:

why is the volume so low????

악틱 says:

Thank you. I’m through with this lecture.

AnimatorGT says:

Hey Mister what do you use to record your tutorials they are really nice and clear?

3D Artist HCL says:

Why not guide step by step start creating set motion system? But thank you very much!

James Laforest says:

hey, ive used several different rigs, and none of them are allowing me to parent constraint to the hand

Rebecca Rigby says:

Love your tutorials. The audio on this one is so quiet I’m having a hard time hearing it!

عبدالخالق says:

How did you get this character ?

vignesh vikki says:


Banibrata Mukherjee says:

very useful tutorial

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