Maya 2014 tutorial : How to model a Gladiator Arena

I this tutorial I will show you how to model a Gladiator Arena.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Brian Hunt says:

I’ve been watching your videos for the past week straight. I come from a live action/video camera background and honestly never even considered that this was something I could do. I can already tell that this something that is going to play a major role in my life moving forward. I just wanted to say thank you for making such concise and well thought out tutorials. You’re an excellent teacher.

Malik S says:

Thanks for the tutorial. This is my version of The Colosseum. Check it out.

RareTV says:

Best ASMR tutorial ever

Krutika's World says:


vamshi vams says:

hello Mike at 13:22 you selected faces and hit extrude faces and pressed w and pulled that out .whats the difference

aandjmom1 says:

This is soooo cool!

venkatesan m says:

sir,i have made a wine glass and i use lambert for that glass its working after i use binne for that glass when i use binne is not working. why is lambert and binne does not working at same time? is it possible to use lambert and binne together

Qiulan Lao says:

great tutorial! thxx

Josero Roro says:

easy fast an very practical…thank for the video Mike..

JoZ Cohen says:

Can I still buy this Design?

Neri Tamayo says:

Very well done and easy to follow, this was very helpful, thank you!

3D_Animation عالم says:

nice job

MrSpeedy says:

You know when you got that cylinder and you cut it in half using the faces. When i do that it then has an empty side to it so its then like hollow and when i try to texture it later on it wont let me how do i fix that?

Petio World says:

16:37 when i try to use the boolean difference option, it does not apply to the upper two column, it only changed the lowest one. I checked if all three were going through the upright ”wall” but i still got the same problem. How can i fix that?

Paula Mourad says:

The maginc of the bend tool 🙂

Leann Keogh says:

is there a way to download this?

Doodle Doodle says:

Thanks so much for this mate, absolute legend.

Javier Bojorquez says:

very low volume on your mic…. other than that great tutorial!!! well explained.

DBFAN says:

can i model cricket Stadium by following your procedure

rabbit shark says:

What did the non-linear bend change to in the 2017 version? plz answer ;ㅅ;…

Miguel Octavio Rdz Salas says:

whats delite by type?

M Alioglu says:

so great .


nice tutorial

xNightMare EffecT says:

hello mike i just had a curious question. Im a 2nd year artist college student who modeled this arena in my 1st year and i was wondering if it was okay if I put my model up on my art station so i can show people that i have the skill to model with this skillset. Only if its okay with you

Shaorune Nautilus says:

Wanna ask. When I apply bend and set to 180. There is a Gap. how to fix that sir???

Ksenia Kulikova says:

It’s amazing!) Some days ago I telling friend that I wanna make Coliseum and he sent me your tutorial. I must do this! Thank U)

John Damn says:

I just can’t make those holes at 16:38, the 2nd and the 3rd hole. Tried booleans, difference, it just won’t make a hole. I selected the objects correctly, still nothing. Please help.

vamshi vams says:

when dooing boolean its creating new edges

Finn Gately says:

Great tutorial as always

Adam Volf says:

Can i do the last step in blender?

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