Maya 2014 tutorial : How to model and texture a sofa

This tutorial will show you how to model and texture a sofa in Autodesk Maya 2014. Besides modeling the frame and pillows I will also explain how to make it look used. Texturing is also covered.

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Dani Gary says:

Seriously Mike- I cannot tell you how much you have helped me. Best videos- I have access to lynda- which is great- but you are hands down my go to for quick modeling tips/techniques. Really appreciating you!

Kaw CoC says:

thanks alot

Gringo Amigo says:

It would’ve been great to watch and learn this tutorial with captions. I don’t see a point with the automatic captions, it’s really horrible. I’m hard of hearing, so it’s a bit of a struggle to understand what you’re saying. Maybe consider close captions for your videos? It would be extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! 

Porthia Anillo says:

very smooth tutorial! 🙂

zekoon2 says:

thanks man

Scotty G says:

Wow nice tutorial, gonna try this out.

Thomas Ögren says:


SeekerOfKnowledge says:

Thanks to Mike Hermes I just completed my very first 3D model in Maya 2014! Thanks, Mike!

Nu Aye San 9 says:

thank you mike hermes for your tutorials

Bainbridge says:

Thank you very much helped me a bunch was clueless how to go about doing a couch 🙂

Natasha Nielsen says:

Thanks for your tutorial! It saved my grade!

HikikomoriGamer says:

This is way too magical. THANKS!

ジョネーJonét says:

Hmmm. My couch texture looks nothing like yours. Does that mean my computer can’t handle the super fine texture?

GeeDee says:

I can’t understand why you speak so loudly in your all videos? For god sake turn the volume up next time..

JReels says:

Awesome tutorial, God bless you bro.

ThatGuy says:

Thank you I learnt new things aswell as this!

Shereen Deen says:

is there a tutorial where u uv-map this couch?

TheDorianTube says:

Hi Mike, thanks for this video. I’ve a question regarding the Beval. I’ve heard that if you put more than 2 off set, this will cause maya to have problems with the render. Is that true? Also..what’s that weird red selection and its purpose? (10:08). Thank you again

Cedrio says:


Jonas Erikssson says:

Really great tutorial, you are explaining everything so we who are new with this program understands what you are doing, 10 of 10, thx for this video! 

Frank B says:

Great tut, thanks!

Betsy Pippen says:

thank u so much!!

Myka Sugoi says:

Thanks, Mike! 

Michael Hurdle says:

Very nice stuff here. Good job dude. Thank you.

ジョネーJonét says:

Also can you help? My plane and couch are stuck together and I can’t undo it.

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