Maya 2016 modeling tutorial : Glass Jar with Lid

In this Maya 2016 modeling tutorial video I will show you how to model a glass jar with a screw lid.

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BobTheBuilder294 says:

the lid looks a like its got a bit of noise inside it, is that normal?

Oscar Marnez says:

Hi. M. Caqn you help me

Shelton Posey says:

Hello Mike,

I just wanted to thank you from the depth of my soul for your videos. I have been attending my college for 6 months for this sort of work and have learned more from the few of your videos I have watched today than my entire 6 months at school. I almost feel as though my tuition payment should go to you. Kudos to you and keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Shelton.

Avi Schiffmann says:

what if you dont have a gazzilion dollars for keyshot, any other options

Jonathan Devach says:

Grain much

Kate Lever says:

What type of export would you suggest from Keyshot6 in order to bring the object into After Effects? I want to track the 3D object into live action video sequence.

A Smile Thailand Thailand says:

Thanks alot i love your video

Kim Vanilla says:

How to unsmooth the object???

Collin says:

Do you know of any free alternatives to KeyShot for rendering? Great and informative tutorial!

stever73 says:

I’ve been following you since I first saw your tutorials, great stuff, Mike.
I found your version of the screw threads at the top interesting. The way I best figured it out was to place several edge loops, place a twist modifier- adjusting for proper placement- then select every other edge and extrude or scale. This way it stays as a part of the main geometry. Just my 2 cents.
Thanks again for the great tuts.

Krenar Piraj says:

Excuse me, how do i save a 3D Object like that final image? eg. if i wan’t to use that glass jar in my game. I don’t wan’t a .JPG file format

papaBRIX says:

Best tutorial video.

Kim Vanilla says:

Pls help me, i’m confused

B iez says:

english is not my first language and im having trouble understanding what you say when you are not going to do changes to something because it gives trouble in animating and bending but not on a still image, mgum ngun, I can’t quite tell, very good tutorial tho!

Mels 3000 says:

Awesome tutorials. Your videos has helped me pass my 3d modeling class. Thank you sir.

MrJyllis says:

Thank you..Is really nice tutorial..

Callum Wood-Brignall says:

Could I get the same effect by using Maya’s standard rendering and texturing?

Nicolas Hendriks says:

Thank you again! Here’s another obeject I made following your tutorial:

Kevin Viji says:

Great tutorial but when ever i try to import the file to keyshot it shows error ,says doesn’t contain 3d geometry and i may need to export polygonal data from my modeling software. Can you help me with this?

FrakU2 says:

How the hell are you getting real time glass rendering? What the frak?

Critec7 - says:

Would it be easy to texture and render this inside maya, or via external program(keyshot)?

nichole buenaventura says:

subscribe ! <3

Stephen Days says:

Hi Mr. Hermes,
I noticed there was a bit of noise on the interior of the lid? I have found, with some of my keyshot animations as well as renders, that this happens from time to time. What is the cause? I thought, at first that it was due to the way in which I created the UV’s in maya but on things such as a roman sword and a bust that I created if I adjust the material or add a different material in keyshot the noise disappears. What is the root cause? I only ask so that I have a general idea and can speed up my workflow a bit. Thanks so much for your videos they are great!

Emerald Essence says:

which is best easy softwear for rendering…more of keyshort plz

Adeel Shaukat says:

your lectures are in detail and very helpful

david burns says:

Ok brilliant will relook at the animation thank you

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