Maya 2016 tutorial : How to create a working Water Faucet

In this Maya 2016 modeling and simulation tutorial I will show you the basics of creating a Water Faucet pouring water.

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sky-soldier-Gaming says:

hi! im having a problem with my simulation my bifrost liquid is not touching the bottom of my mesh instead is slipping like it was a surface and not reaching the bottom :/ what im doing wrong?? PLEASE HELP! @_@

LegendAhri says:

what is the difference in using bifrost and creating emitter in nparticles to create water?

Luke Snedecor says:

“bifrostMeshShape has no faces” and water is rendering matte black?

lucy urbach says:

When i try and play the animation, the box doesnt grow and the particles only appear for a second then dissapear. Do you know how to fix this?

usman pk says:

hi mike thank u very much. mike can u make a completely home with inside animation it mean behind the cam……..

finsclapping says:

Mike I was doing this one and my water isn’t splashing like yours. It creates a thick stream of water from the faucet and then when it hits my basket it doesn’t splash but rather creates big droplets ( like a marble) that then disappear quickly. I suppose it has to do with the settings controlling the dispersion of the water, but do you know how to do it? I work with maya 2015 btw.

Neil Martin says:

Sadly things work differently in Maya 2017 and there seems to be a few steps missing?

Eric Liu says:

Do you know why the water does not show when I render in mental ray? I see the particles just fine before rendering. Thanks

warpmaster7 says:

It seems whenever I change the scale to the object I bifrost the liquid too, it will stop creating water. Any idea on why it does this?

Marco Ciccone says:

Hi Mike,
i’m trying to follow your steps but as i click liquid it creates it on the ground and i’m not able to move it. and if i play it is gives me all frame faile.
may this be from some setting?

haikal undead says:

I made my first water animation thing based on your tutorial, thanks mike!
Here’s the vid(its not that good but im pretty proud of it haha) ;

A N I M A T I O N says:


Dharmik Bhatt says:

how to create water splash like fish coming out of water and after jump going back in water?

Michael Kendall says:

How to make it with arnold and render with arnold in Maya?

Dharmik Bhatt says:

and how to mix two different color of liquid or water?

Shayna B says:

I dont even see option on tool bar for bifrost.

Asad Ali Naseem Hashmi says:

hi Mike: how can we make a container under the tap to collect water and when container full of water then over flow water… plz

Dry Horse says:

Thanks !Good job.. always helpful!

Jennifer Patterson says:

I can’t figure out why, but for some reason, the water is not showing up at all. I have the cylinder selected, and for some reason, after I create the liquid bifrost and press play, no water is emitted at all and I have no idea why

Andrew Wilkinson says:

Hi Mike, Thank you very much. This is very timely as I am trying to get a water flow effect from a pump and through a scupper.

Pankaj Parmar says:

Thank you sir for the video ..

Simone Gusella says:

If you can’t get bifrost working, try to reset your timeline and go to frame #1. This worked for me

ShadowAimai says:

Thank you very much, this was very helpful.

A question though, how do you manage things like grass? How about plants or things like fruit dangling from it?

Anil 3d Artist says:

Thank u…

Faisal Ahmed says:

I tried bifrost liquid and applied collider after that liquid falling on the pot but my pot is not filling by liquid. How can i fill pot by liquid ?

Stefan Beekhuijzen says:

Hey Mike,

Great turorials, I’ve been following you around quite some time. You are doing a great job!

I have a request though: I have created a detailed model and high res textures of a steam engine locomotive (German manufactured 1940-1955 locomotive) but I can’t get the material right. I am using Mental Ray’s Mia materials. I want to create that greasy / oiled specular look. Can you help me? Thanks in advance!

Dennis Brock says:

Hi mike
How did you get the faucet did you model it or is it a material inside of Maya 2018?

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