Maya 2016 tutorial : How to create sunbeams in Maya

In this Maya 2016 tutorial I will show you how to create sunbeams using volumetric light by means of a fog node plugged into a spotlight.

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davidshort3266 says:

Hey Mike! Can I make a request?
How would one make foggy windows? (for example in a snowy scene)
Thanks for the awesome videos,

Stefan Beekhuijzen says:

Thank you, very helpful. Just what I need!

Uzair Sipra says:

I was wondering if you could please, make a tutorial how to import or create ragdool or any character for storyboarding purpose would be so helpful. thx again good sir.

Uzair Sipra says:

Your tutorials are the best on youtube sir

Khromus S says:

could this light set up work for mental ray as well

Ssliasil Ss says:

Spotlights dont cast fog in Maya 2017/Arnold DX its driving me crazy trying to figure it out

StriderMK says:

Is this only applicable in Maya software? Can it be done in mental ray?

Quidgo says:

Is there a way to fix the bleeding of light on the edges of rooms when using an exterior light? (Your final render for an example, the far wall has light coming through the floor/wall edge).

Ceqdec says:

OMMGG great video I rlly needed that !! TY

Daly Zee says:

I really love your videos sir. Thanks for uploading them.

shainath chittibittu Anchor says:

Thank u for your lesson but i want difference between sunlight and skylight as well as bounces( reflections) please

me72pemb says:

Many thanks for the very useful tutorials that you have done. I am trying to figure out how to export models/props from Maya. Is there a way how this is done. watching some other videos, I don’t get what I expect. cheers

Sreya Dharmapuri says:

Can this be done in vray? what would you need to do

Banana Tree says:

there in no shadow.

Apple_Sass says:

How would I apply what’s in this tutorial but with a plane with a window textured on it? Is there a way for me to get the beam to come through the ‘window’ plane??? I tried turning down the transparency but obviously that failed…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Emre Topuz says:

Another helpful tutorial from a kindly person 🙂 Thank you Mike!

Jean-Luc Solliere says:

Once again, a very nice and clear tuto. Perfect !

ShadowAimai says:

Great video as usual Mike, but may I ask you something? The sound tends to be a bit low sometimes. Would you mind increasing it a bit next time you record? Thanks.

Anx says:

Very helpful tutorial
But may I request something?

Can you show us how to texture an animal and make it look like it has real fur?
(for example a fox?)

NoirWolf Creations says:

u should crank up the sound a bit… btw great video

CG Alex says:

Nice! got a couple tips out of this. Also if i may request a full character modeling tutorial? I’ve noticed you haven’t done any at all. Obviously it would be a long video but perhaps you could do it in series. Would love to see how you model a complete stylized character maybe with disney based anatomy? Also i’ve been following your videos for a long time and notice you only do Maya tutorials specifically, is this a preference or do you work with other programs as well? I tend to jump between Maya and ZBrush personally.

DaRkHunTer0125 says:

Really hope you get paid well for these videos. You helped me a lot this semester.

Part of fans says:

Thank You Very MATCH

AvidAndy says:

You should try and get partnered! Would help with the costs 🙂

Liam Wilson says:

is there any way to do this without mental ray

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