Maya 2016 tutorial : How to create twisted rope ( NEW )

In this video I will revisit a video that I did in 2014 as the technique to create twisted rope has changed since Maya 2014

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Mohawkguy32 says:

Thanks a bunch for doing a video on this! Simple and easy to understand on how to do it.

Yomi Park says:

Oh, thank you so much ><

EverydayVagaries says:

Thank you!! You’re a lifesaver :0

sankojin says:

Man thank you so much! I have been trying all day to do this by hand and I thought to my self its maya 2016 there has to be a button that does this for me. So thank you again.

Lord Charlamagne Mabalay says:

I can’t select my CV curve after selecting the face, i know holding down the shift, but no go, it’s just not selecting I can’t figure out why

Joel Helmick says:

Do you have any recommendations on how to texture this?

Jack Voelkel says:

I’m having a problem with extruding the circle face to the curve. I have face mode on, then select the circle face and shift drag select the curve like you said, but nothing happens. The only time I can have both selected is when I am in object mode :/

Sherwin Vincent says:

hmmm…ok i’m pretty sure my teach’s teaching us from ur tutorials – it’s exactly the same.

Natasha Ng says:

i love love love your videos. im currently at a parametric design unit at the AA and was asked to learn maya in a week time. So your videos really helped a lot. Sometimes its hard to connect different objects to the most basic shapes. But your videos showed me that. Thanks so much. Cannot explain my gratitude!

Archer Candy says:

woah… thats amazing

Dekay says:

Cool man

rebel says:

My both end of the rope dont twist much, not as much as yours.

Anh Phạm says:

Thanks, Mike.

Arkey says:

I had to tie a complex knot with the curves manually and tried to extrude rope to follow that curve, sounds easy enough and a solid plan. However, some areas had SUPER dense divisions while others don’t. I thought it was correlated to the curve points but after some deleting and trying again, its not? Then I had to manually delete 100 divisions for each of the 4 ropes thats twisting. The rope doesn’t even follow the curve all the way to the end but just stop 70% of the way and forces me to extrude more to do it manually. This is super frustrating and I thought there had to be a better way, how did I mess up. After rewatching several different videos on how to make rope, i can’t figure out why.

Eliel Guimarães Vieira de Souza says:


jefferson DEVIA RODRIGUEZ says:


Geraldin Fernandez says:

Thank you! Execelent!

Alex Gaspareto says:

I really liked it, congratulations!

Ryad Arlan says:

Hi Mike, Is there any way to apply tension to ropes? Like on a sail or holding down tent? Or a rope holding down the top of a tree and the tree snapping back when rope is broken or released?
A rope holding a sail and then tightening it to stretch the sail?
Is there a command for that or is that all in the animating key frames? Like before float object people would manually set key frames and animate an object floating.

Also things like spring board? Is there a snap back function where things can be held and then let go and they spring back?

Can you model a ruler being twanged on the side of a table?

Sheylin Lee says:

It’s not working at all 🙁 the face can extrude but it won’t extrude along the curve. It is Maya 2016. Can I know how to fix, Mike?

Gamal Mohamed says:

please make can u show me how can exporting aviator so fail

nico pons says:

Hello, thank you so much for the video.

I was having an issue though with the strands of the rope deforming at certain extremities of the curves as well as knowing what to do with the curve shape after, as if I try to move the entire thing together in object mode it will disfigure the rope even more.

Also, if I move the vertices of the rope i manage to keep the shape although I’m left with the cv curve tool shape that I don’t know what to do with haha. I have an image in case I am being confusing.
I am just sort of lost about the process of moving it correctly after I’ve formed it

El Mapartche says:

Hey Mike ! Could you make a tutorial of how to model a bird nest ? There’s not a lot of tutorial about objets like nests…

Gamal Mohamed says:

u r avery good in maya and I’m very haapy that u continue teatch us

neop neop says:

tutorial exelente para maya 2016

Timothy O'Sullivan says:

can you edit the line after you extrude?

Samuel Velebný says:

thanks for update,,, its crazy how often Maya changes its tiny features of any kind


why is this not workinig ? it ignores the curve…..

Michael Whitney says:

works well but how do I go about texturing it? Would I have to UV map each of the individual ropes?

Darijo Živković says:

Mike, you’re my personal Savior. Your tutorials, are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bibbidi Studios says:

when i click the cylinder it automatically spawns in the middle of the stage, how do i shape it as i want?

SuperHuntster says:

hey mike i’m pretty new to Maya, i’ve created the rope same as you did. but i can’t get rid of the CV curve without the whole thing deleting, what is the issue here ?

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