Maya 2016 tutorial : How to model and texture a Wine bottle

In this 3D modeling and texturing video in Autodesk Maya 2016 I will address a subscriber question on how to model and texture a wine bottle, specially how to apply the label to the glass.

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Rashinho 8 says:

I cant select only the tp it selects the whole thing I think because when i do the R thing it affects the whole bottle. what could be done?

KilkennyVFX says:

thanks for the help good tutorial but next time can you try not too mumble because sometimes I think you said a certain tool and I go there and can’t find it thanks for the help 😀

Ben Vandenbulcke says:

i can’t find mia_material_x1 in my list of materials. How do i get it ?

aqua dury says:

Why do you wasting your (and our!) time with making bottle from cylinder when you can create curve then make “Surfaces”-“Revolve” like in this video?

Grey Illustration says:

i have question, i already tried making this bottle. but when i tried to scale it, it wouldn’t let me make a perfect round, otherwise it became bend. please explanation. thank you

Princess793 says:

Hey, Thanks for the video!
Just a few questions; So, for the material “mia_material..” did you have to download it ?because I’m using Maya 2016, and it doesn’t show up as an option. Also, I do not have “Mental ray” either (I’m assuming that may be why I do not have the “mia_..” material).

And finally, I believe when you go into “render Settings” you have “Commons” “Quality” “Configuration” etc. I only have “Commons” is there a reason behind that as well?

Phew, sorry to drown you in a million questions, but thanks again!

ekwin paradika says:

Hello Sir,
could you make tutorial for beer foam with Maya?
i really appreciate it if you do
Thank You

awwnawmang says:

appreciate you sharing this. i needed a quick how-to on the rendering part. v2016 no less!!

BattlefieldZiege says:

What if your logo is not perfectly squared? For example a rectangle? If you’d go with this lambert, you will see the ugly grey where the rectangle logo is transparent.

TucknRoll34 says:

This video was great! Thank you!

عبدالخالق says:

i cant find glass material mia_x

Do Yeon Sung says:

I wish i could ‘like it’ thousand times more !

ᗪᗩᗯOOᗪ ᕮsFaƝdiᗩri says:

Hello sir. i’m kinda new in maya and i have learned many things thanks to you.
i have done this tutorial and i’ve got same result except one thing and it is lable.
This is my little work and the Error in the bottom.

The jpg file loads fine when i place it in file location field. But i can’t see it in viewport 2.0 while hardware render is on, and also when I begin a render, MentalRay comes back with an error relating to the file location or subtype.
Any idea what’s wrong?

Thanks Again

Kevin Accetta says:

I cannot for the life of me get mental ray to work… I do *not* have that option in the “windows > settings/preferences > plug-in manager” for mayatomr.mll which apparently gets mentalray to work. And I downloaded the plug-in, which I guess I need to extract to another folder, but it *doesn’t* extract when I click “ok” to extract!


LikeNota com says:

awesome tutorial you have any for vray?

Brice Abognon says:


Sara Andrade says:

I can’t seem to find the mia_material_x on the drop down list under materials?

School Tech says:

Awesome tutorial yet again. I’ve got a weird problem though… after I render, my bottle and lights all look great but my label won’t show up. Its just a black square. Any ideas?

Yannick Sprenger says:

This was really helpful, thank you very much 😀

Canal do Edie says:

Absolutely incredible

Yanuar Btara Restafianto says:

thank you very much for your tutorial ^^

Sanjit Saha says:

Sir I can’t see any Mia material x in the hypershade nor can’t get it by searching can you give me any fix for this I am using Maya 2011

John Murphy says:

Excellent tutorial, well explained, easy to follow. Thanks.

Aleron says:

Hi Mike, if the texture is not square or rectangular, what should I do?

Dape Part says:

Great tutorial, Mike – subscribed! Suggestion: there is a weekly challenge on and bottles are the subject this week, so maybe to participate? You can also add the link to your YT channel and get more subscribers like that. Good luck!

Elio Hashimoto says:

i can’t find the glass material, is it a preset or i have to make it?

Loaner Lulu says:

Can someone please post a link to the wine label he used.

محمد الشاذلي says:

my edges not going like yours when iam trying to scale like the wine bottle …???

Free Nemo says:

Hi at 2:26 what’s he saying? g to repeat? if i press g, nothing happens but show me “result: scale” on the bottom right, unfortunetly I’m allready stuck with that issue

bialasqy says:

Everything ok but the label is stretched on the end of both left and right side. In uv editor it shows me that the shells are more thinner when it comes to the edge. I saw some similar tutorial in 3ds and the guy was using Unfold option (though in Maya there is a tool with the same name but works differently, like for other purposes). In 3ds this option optimized shells in such a way that they were all the same width. After that he exported to psd, prepared label on the shell, imported it and stretching was no longer exist. Is there any possibility to do this optimized/unfolded shells in Maya? I couldn’t find any clear answer and I feel lost…

Designstudio Welsch says:

I´ve downloaded the .mel files (mia_materials) and put them into documentsmaya2017scripts !!! Then I try to import them in hypershade or add them as an ordinary material but they won´t appear…thanx a lot for your work

dhaval patel says:

I have to get material like thick beer bottle n rough transparent can u plz learn how to get it???

野蒜 says:

When I put the mia to my bottle

Why my bottle’s color change into black but not like your color in video.

Please answer my question, thank you.

Syam kumar says:

what is the material assigned for the bottle

Jeremy King says:

I don’t have the mia material x when he assign glass to it……. How do i fix/get it?

Jesús Dawaher Bakhos says:

do you have the new Maya 2017? it comes with Arnold, and i’m not able to render a scene properly, let alone putting glass materials

Sean Talabock says:

Thank you for sharing this!

Arise Abiola says:

I can not thank you enough Mike Hermes… this made my 10 models in year 1 for my modelling project. Thank you very much

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