Maya 2016 tutorial : Rigging a bird with IK handles and curves

In this Maya 2016 rigging tutorial video I will show you how to create a simple bird rig including joints, IK handles and nurbs control curves to allow you to animate your model.


AJ creativity says:

Can you please do a advanced vfx dynamic tutorials

Kushan Kavirathne says:

Simple, Easy & Perfect Tutorial.. All of your Tuts are very easy to understand Mr.Hermes. Thank-you and Cheer’s .. 🙂 🙂

Sean Adkisson says:

i wouldnt reccommend peeing on the keyboard. 4:30

Ipan Ikram says:

can you do Guitar string rigging ? i have much problem at string

Rodrigo Ferriz says:

thanks very much

Soals says:

Thanks for the tutorial! It was great to finally have something so simple and to the point. However, I don’t really understand the NURBs Curves step. Why is it necessary? Just to make stuff easier to grab? Or is it for transferring the model to animation later on?

TheBoyOutside says:

You didn’t freeze transformations on the curves or even name the bones neatly

Amr Fawzy says:

thank you very much mike

Henao Edits says:

gracias ,te amo!! dame un hijo sin condon!

hossam gmal says:

that’s so classy of controlling a bird that was great

may wagdy says:

thank you so much for the toturial .. it helped me a lot
but jut a question doest also work on dragons ?
I ask because I have one and was just wondering

VFX Ltd™ says:

Thanks! But what if my character has fingers. Which end joint (s) do i use to create the IK handles?

BoxingBird says:

4:37 I peed on my keyboard and they didn’t parent :/

Astro harver says:

This tutorial is helpful thnk you so much

Tyler Matthew Harris says:

Instructions not clear. Peed on keyboard to parent

Kard Jay says:

When I make bind skin it connects all except the body… I don’t know why (I’ve tried more and more in different ways, but it doesn’t work for this problem).
Do you know why?

Parasar Lenka says:

Amazing! It helped me A LOT! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sir!

Finn Gately says:

Amazing knowledge again! This channel is too important

Gogo says:

Curious (really in the dark here) – Why choose IK instead of FK for the bird wings? Is it a preference?

CaptnKyrsh says:

this was great, thank you! hope to see more

Arkey says:

hehehehe “were gunna p on our keyboard” -Mike Hermes 2015

Angeles AMF says:

It’s really a pleasure to listen to your tutorials. You don’t curse, get lost, eat a sandwich or forget how to speak!. You should do this for a living and if you do already, I’m sure you are very successful! Thank You! Your tutorial helped me animate a small butterfly 🙂

PY LIN says:

thanks for turotial

Lorrouh says:

I fukin love you Mike!! <3

Ethan Shrestha says:

Great Upload mate, maybe you can upload a modelling tutorial for the eagle. If yes, that will be great.

Pipeline Design says:

Great tutorial Mike, thank you. Just the right speed for following along. Keep em coming!

해삐 해삐 says:

Thank you I love UUUU !!!!!!!!!!!! It is everything totally What I want

Jasmin Bölter says:

Thank you for this tutorial! It’s so easy to follow. 🙂 I had the problem that the handles wouldn’t move when I moved the nurbs circles. After parenting of course. :’D Solution: I just had to uncheck the box “Preserve Children” in the move tool settings. Maybe somebody has the same stupid problem and can solve it now. 😉

Александр Кисленко says:

Big thanks for this tutorial! Even Maya official learning videos are skipping SO MUCH info and based on Human Rig which almost automatic. Custom rig and skinning looked like pain but thanks to you they doesn’t any more! Basics are always a must!

swagatam mitra says:

Can u make a video ‘how to make a bird or flying bird’ Plz…

Golden Wolf - Tutorials & More says:

I was thinking to my self I thought you sounded Like Mike but As soon as I check the channeL I face palmed Keep up the amazing work!

silent prince says:

instead of circles i found some where rectangle and some other shape. what for those

Kathiravan T says:

why do we need controllers as nurbs circle to control the IK joints ?

khaled omega says:

awesome …thank you Mike Hermes

juanfrancisco Torres says:

Hi, a quick question; I used the mirror method to duplicate my joints (2:50), it is all fine, i merged the joints to the model, but the left side is not following the same behavior than the right side (and viceversa); I did all as the video shows but its not working. Do you know if there could be a solution for this?. Many thanks!

sam ide says:

Hey I really don’t know anything about animation software but I’m entering a contest and the only software sites you can use are Flash, Fireworks, CorelDRAW, 3D animation Pro, Claymation, Alice, and Scratch what would you recommend if I’m trying to make a flying bird, what do you think would be the easiest but best resulting product of a bird flying? -Thanks

Dejan Miric says:

Thank you Mike for this video!!! It is so so fantastic!!! No words…

PaperDragon says:

Kinda forgot to give the bird some elbows. Like you said, very basic I know. But you couldn’t fold the birds wing or get very realistic flapping animation with joints like this.

Innocent killer says:

the best Maya tutorial giver on youtube…

mrunal mohadikar says:

sir there is a problem, while i was selecting left and write wing skeloton and try move ,it is moving like,left one goes down and the right one goes up,insted of going down plz help…

JOSEPH KiNG10i says:


2s naidu boys says:

thankyou sir this is very used to me to learn my self..

saths media says:


2009BradJames says:

good tutorial easy to understand

masterawanxx23 says:

nice bro,, i’ll subsribe you

Karl Eclaire says:

This is very helpful! I have a question though. How can I make IKs for wings so that when I rotate it it will bend on the direction of the rotation. I want to make an animation for a wing that can bend like a finger. I made an IK handle for my wing but it can only move, once I hit the rotate button and start rotating nothing happens. Thanks.

Donato ! says:

To convert Triangles to Quads -> Apply Smooth 😉

Zeokar says:

Thanks man

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