This MAYA 2017 FACE RIGGING BASICS TUTORIAL covers the solid foundational topics every character face rigger needs. Topics covered:
Creation and placement of joints to create proper animation.
Synching our topology with our joints for ideal deformation.
Animating our joints to create emotion poses.
Painting skin weights to ensure proper deformation and animation of our face.
Iterating on joint placement, topology shape, skin weighting, and animation, to create more appealing face shapes.

This topic is so complicated, so in-depth, that this video is just PART 1 in a multi-part series. The next videos in the series will specifically cover material not shown here, such as phonemes, set-driven-keys, and creating a control panel for animation.

The crucial techniques presented here cover the hard work of establishing the initial skeleton and skin weighting – the lion’s share of the work! The very same techniques are built on top of to create mouth shapes for talking – and that whole process will be MUCH easier after watching this video!

This video assumes you’ve already seen my JOINTS and SKINNING video – or are at least familiar with the topics covered there.


Luis Gerardo Zavala Zamudio says:

Very nice tutorial thanks, could you please share your 3D model face

Krutika's Art Gallery says:

amazing tutorial..Thanks

John LaBrie says:

When painting weights, can you do symmetry so that you paint the same on both sides of the face, or is that difficult because it applies to two separate joints?

Kiyamlol says:

how do you rig the teeth if you do it this way? i just use a jaw bone to move the mouth closed and open


Hey James been watching ur channel for a long time and love it n are very helpful if u don’t mind but would u mind making a tutorial on slicing a rigged characters with any sword weaponry? Thnx for u videos

Navdeep jhita says:

please give me more videos 3d teacher my age is 13 yer

Anindita Ray says:

dying to see the full tutorial
is this tutorial coming in youtube or in your website ????
And when it is coming ??

ProPostNews says:

Nice video James Taylor. Thanks for taking time from making records!

FURKAN Kurt says:

thats awesome. i have a question. what’s the best between skin cluster and bone like this? What do you prefer.

Morgan Theisen says:

who else got an add for “wix” before watching this?

OneEsk19 says:

I have a quick question. I just finished a character and I’m about to rig/skin it. I’ve done body rigging before, but this will be my first time doing a face.

Do I have to parent the rig from the face to the body somehow or keep them seperate? (I will be importing into Unreal 4 eventually).

qdeanc says:

Can you sing Smashmouth?

Josh Martin says:

This tutorial was very useful and really straight-forward. Thanks a bunch for the lesson!!!


sir how can i attache hair,eyebrows ,and eyelashes to rigged model ?


Anyone know a good channel for 2017 tutorials?

mansoor Latif says:

and how to make controller?

Ni15EL says:

Good day!! I love how the way you teach others. The way you speak, it makes more sense. I learned a lot on your tutorials. I’m watching your tutorials since im studying animations. Thank you so much James Taylor. Keep up your good work.

Evil Kitten Productions says:

If you’re still replying, I followed the tutorial but during the middle of weight painting, suddenly the paint weights tool’s influence box is empty, but I can still work normally on it.

Also there have been some errors in the script editor since I activated autosaving. Should I deactivate it? I got used to it from 3ds max, which crashed on me every hour.

I’m afraid my file is corrupted, which the “Output window” (my god can’t they decide where to log errors to?!) told me, but i can still open it without errors, it just threw the corrupted error once. What’s going on here?

Should I enable save increment?

Cheedy says:

Thanks for every single video everybody that I’ve looked up for help sucked but you helped me understand and cleared atom of things up for me

Piotr Noworyta says:

where can i get this 1.5h long version ? I really like your workflow, it all seems easier than I thought.

Viju Oommen says:

this is the video i was looking for. Thank God

Isabel Gomes says:

Awesome video, thanks a lot!! Would you consider making a video for rigging clothes? Like long skirts or multiple layers of clothes

Moonmen says:

how do you translate all joints back to the start pose?

ara azzy says:

could you teach us how to make facial controller?
thank you

dude MD says:

at 17:40 you said she looked “uncomfortable” but she more looked like Elvis Presley.

Hero 117 says:

Thanks you very much! I cant wait for the extended cut! You are the best!

Simon Douville says:

Great tutorial! But How are you able to hide the parenting “bones” and just show the joints?

PowerCrunch says:

Alright! i can’t wait to watch and learn from this!

*watches up to **0:20*

I’m completely lost

pinyata Monkey says:

Hi James! im pat. i have a question completely unrelated to this video….do you know how to lock controllers to the joints? my arm rig is controlled using an ik controller and i want the fk controllers to follow the joints as they move with the IK controllers.
i have no one else to turn to DX
love your tutorials <3

yalshin zhang says:

Hi, My dearest mentor, I’m one of your faithful pupils, I’m making a movie by myself, your tutorials are really helpful, but for now, I really need IK handle part and the facial rigging part2, I need them bad, best wishes XD

Matthitizidu says:

James Taylor, You are the best! Love all of your tutorials. Concise and easy to follow.

dddpic says:

Thank you for sharing this great knowledge 🙂

Ma An says:

Will this work on a high poly mesh as well? Most of the tutorials are using low poly mesh with smooth applied. But I make high poly heads in zbrush- with more detail. Is the workflow the same in that case?

erick mosha says:

am still beginner but this video strengthen me a lot.

Jeff Hughes says:

Any idea how to animate/Rig eyes?

imad laggoune says:

so hard

Raul says:

its a great tutorial indeed, i learned alot from it
but you forgot to show where you linked the center joints and the teeth joints

Stipe Pavić says:

respect! subbed

Enalya Art says:

Thank you so much for taking the time, this was really helpful. You’re a great teacher!

Kobalt Rad says:

When i bind the joints to my characters face, the end joints never bind, like yours do, any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Archie Garcia says:

If I’m going to be attempting for the first time animating a characters face, do you suggest this method of facial animation using joints, or instead by using blend shapes?

Muhammad Gaber says:

thanks man you are a life saver

Redlime says:

How do I constantly have the model show its wire frame even when not selected like in this video?

PeeyanoKeys says:

So good at simplifying!

Maria Fontes says:

Thank you so much for this!
I’m buying the other video PART 1!
Can you please tell me if you already have the part 2 done?

Joshua Richard says:

Very cool information. Thank you for sharing.

Carro p3 says:

Give me part 2 damn it!!! TuT <3

Krutika's Art Gallery says:

Thank you

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