Maya 2017 | Easy Rigging Tutorial

Hey guys this video shows you how to rig a character inside of maya. The rig itself will be quite basic just to get an understanding for the bone structure. This tutorial is different to my previous Cinema 4D rigging tutorial because it shows the fundamentals for animation for example bone orientation. Enjoy.

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Clark Brown says:

excellent video

PokiPotato says:

Hello, just a question, I closed the program, because I was tired, I saved it and now when I opened the project, the model wasn’t moving with the skeleton. I said “Ok, I will just reset the position of the bones to 0 and then I will unbind and bind” It didn’t help, any advise?

InSiideEffects says:

thx 😀

Marcus Rembert says:

How did you deselect something in outliner?

Elly Chand says:

One more suscriber for you and yet like the way you laugh!

eXiov says:

Very helpful thanks!!

vazak11 says:

This was very useful, thanks!

Maya animation says:

what’s with your grid man? it’s like huge.

GUN DUDE says:

when i bind the skin only one joint works which moves the whole model….model doesnt follow the other joints though

Jonney Shih says:

Nonsense, how am I supposed to rig without translating the joints?
Isn’t there a way to keep oriontation while translating?

brausepaul313 says:

Very good tutorial. I’m switching from Cinema 4D to Maya and your tutorial is helping me a lot. Thank you.

TheReply GuyReviews says:

In 2018,
to change radius of joints, its found under the Channel Box when the join is selected under scale and visibility
to find the orientation of joints you go Display > Transform Display > Local Rotation Axis

K Jernigan says:

Just in case anyone was wondering, to change the joint size, hold space bar for the menu. Mouse over display, animation, then joint size.

Akram Ali says:

can u show me how to rig a reptile

The Lemon Eater says:

thanks, I have an animation project due soon and I decided to base on 3D even though we haven’t looked at rigging yet xD yea its a horrible idea but its good practice 🙂

Ra New says:

Just rigged my first character thanks to your tutorial!

Tony Bend says:

Facial rigging step by step plz.

Elly Chand says:

Will you please explain what happen in 17.42? Please please

kamon says:

Thank you for this great tutorial. I’m a beginner and my English is not that good, even though I understood it clearly. Thanks a lot, really really helpful!

wy J says:

Thanks a lot ,I need your tutorial .

Par8dox says:

Heyy! is it possible to rip the animations out of games and use them in endorphin? I wanna make an edit like this one /watch?v=VPqHFbqrOwk but i have no idea how its done haha! :p

Gauravjit Singh Virk says:

Nice tutorial man, great work

animation draw says:

매우 유용한

김준혁 says:

how can duplicate joint tool?

启昌薛 says:

this is a good teache video

Tianli Guo says:

Fabulous…Even clearer than that James master in my opinion. And lot of really practical tips. Thanks bro!

Joshua Brown says:

Thanks helped a lot.

Miho Woof says:


김준혁 says:

17:20 l want to know duplicate joint key

RunNGunGamer23 says:

Hey faex I just wanted to apologize for my previous comment in your sd card tutorial, I didn’t mean to say please make a tutorial on stuff people want to learn, I meant please make stuff that could be useful in other animations, which this video is but I just wanted to say sorry for being a bit of an a-hole

Mmdhsn says:

thnx mate really usefull

The Joker says:

8:39 hopefully something that doesn’t break the bank XXXXXX lol

inciderse 10 says:

does anyone know how to do it as a video like how to train your dragon race to the edge because me and my friends are going to attempt and were new

BillyLemonZest says:

Mein rigger. Great tut.

qugen games says:

Great tutorial thanks a lot

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