Maya 2017 – Texturing – Part 1

A introduction to how to use the UV editing tools and basic projections to unfold 3D geometry and start texturing confidently.

Download my demo textures for this tutorial:

Or build your own by visiting:

Table of Contents:

01:57 – Texture Websites
07:17 – Planar Projections
27:23 – Cylindrical Projections
44:15 – Laying Out UV’s
57:30 – Unfolding UV’s
01:11:06 – End Credits


qugen games says:

best tutorial ever please keep the good job up

karan alhat says:

this is best tutorial i ever seen… thanks you very much sir…

Junaid Sayyed says:

Great tutorial.. Thank you very much. finally i understand UVs

Kiran Raj says:

Its really helpful to understand the texture & uv concept…thank u so much

jefff3000 says:

Best teacher of Youtube!! Perfect english pronunciation (and very beautiful voice)

Ankita Raskar says:

The best tutorial …cleared so many of my doubts about texturing…. Thank you so much…

Sarala Rao says:

Great Mr. Youn Satana! Thanks a lot! It was very useful.

PauNoGato says:

You are saving my college work professor…
Thank you so mutch.

Joel Saunders says:

did you put your mic in a jet engine? or is that your hard drive having an aneurysm?

Maxi Zamudio says:

Excellente Uv lesson! thank U! very helpful

wrashidd says:

It’s raining

Yen says:

Excellent! Thanks for this. I’m just starting to use Maya and this video has shown me more in 18 minutes than I’ve learned in two weeks of material.

Fang Tsai says:

Thank you for the great tutorial!

Ayush Baral says:

you are so skillful in teaching these concepts…Thaks a lot

Alex says:

thanks for the tutorial ,well explaind and simple! wpuld be great to have a sculpting in maya 2017 tutorial !! thx

John O says:

Awesome Tutorial! I thought it was going to be long to watch but it actually went by quickly because everything you presented was useful and interesting. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and help others out!

Festus M says:

You said Ctlr Z but your on a mac lol

Oleksandra Shaforost says:

Finally, I understood the thing of UV:)
Clear and easy!
Hope you can make much more tutorials for the beginners.
Thank you so much!

jonathan a says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial. This grad student new to 3D really appreciates it. You are concise and the pacing is good.

Zahede Mosavi says:

does it use arnold or not? please

Kavi says:

Best. thanks

Слава Савченко says:

Thanks!! You a the Great Tutor !!!!!

Agent_Mike Mike says:

Thanks for a great lesson…

BlakeKevin Gaming says:


Cliff Ianson says:

This guys tutorials are seriously the best, amazing work you put out for people .

Seth Byrd says:

Love these tutorials! Very informative, and you go at a nice steady pace.

Fractured Smile says:

I love your tutorials, but your fan sounds like it’s attempting to launch into space

Fun Feel says:

sir please improve your video quality…..nice teaching…..Thanks For sharing This Information

Slyness69 says:

Tutorial begins at 5:42

Bharath Narayan says:

finally i got some confidence on uv texturing. thanks a lot

Juan Karlo says:

Out of all the tutorials. You are the best one! Thankyou so much dude!

Ornate'o,o'Owl says:

Damn, I love your humor

ala slipknot says:

am so glad i found your channel, thanks a lot! [subscribed]

Flash says:

You explain this very well. Thank you.

Edrine says:

14:33 wrong, it’s actually the one next to it if you look carefully, not the directions but all the things on it

Micah Belden says:

This has got to be the most in depth and understandable Uv lesson on youtube. Thank you for your dedication to knowledge!

Jody Knight says:

thank you so much for such a clear and easy to follow guide to texturing, I may be able to stop pulling my hair out now!!

Luz Lilith says:


MBG-TECH says:

Great tut.I never understood uv.This made it a bit more clear.Please do more maya tuts.Cheers

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