Maya 2017 – Tutorial for Beginners [General Overview]*

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Maya 2017 by Autodesk. Maya 2017 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
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Alex Segura says:

thanks a lot !!!

VivaLasPingas says:

Narration voice reminds me of the codex narrator from Mass Effect 😮

Unvincible Games says:

How is this upvoted almost 300 times.
Slow ponderous, ridiculous voice that distracts from learning AND he advises using menu buttons, instead of hotkeys.
Time = money.

Mobile Liên quân Funny says:

where viewcube

I'm ur dog says:

0:10 lol skyrim on the left

Hailey Everst says:

But how do you add color to an object? I went to the Color Settings but it did not make sense. Please help.

Sina Ashrafipour says:

I have a simple ask, how to make the Avatar movie? 😐

Krucy Pysk says:

Guys, you are awesome!

Rgroose says:

I don’t know why i’m watching this i subscribed for Fl Studio tutorials xD

Douglas Martineli says:

Beautiful voice… excelent video

AT Games says:

pretty basic. but i am a simple man, so thank you. also, does drawing cool stuff depend on my art skills or years of experience with maya? thanks


Didn’t know Goofy was an Animator Tutorial Youtuber

Rainbowtech Media says:


Burnt Corn says:


ToastyCake says:

It says 2016 but its 2017?!?!?!?!?!??!

Sportaflip says:

he sounds like fucking barney

nbglowrock12 says:

I might do a Q&A on Saturday so if you have a question for me then comment on my new video tomorrow

Jacob Makarsky says:

Jesus please stop talking like that

Diche Bach says:

Thanks! . . . Holy crap you packed a lot of instructions into this! Might have to finish it on a second sitting.

sabitha sahadevan says:

Very gud

Pastel King says:

ok why does this guy sound EXACLTY Like the guy that says “Welcome to Disney FastPlay. Your film will begin in a moment”

MintyGreen says:

kinda like goofy lul

Solo Rider says:

Hello, I don’t know if you guys specialize in this, but I’m having an issue with my custom URL. I met all the requirements, but when I try to claim it, it says many ppl got it so I have to add something else. I went to and there’s no channel that pops up so nobody had claimed it. I’ve been sending YT emails, but they aren’t responding. Any ideas? Thank you!

Niraj kumar says:

I used cinema 4d now trying to learn this

Zonix says:

Did your voice change lol

Jin Wayne says:

the scale of your vid is too big sometimes simply cant follow your action because you do smth of the screen

Steve Html says:

Sounds like the science movie guy from 5th grade , Thank you , very informative

Javier Azpiri says:

Best tutorial for beginners i´ve seen in my hole life, thank´s dude

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