Maya 2017 tutorial : How to model a House

In this 3D modeling tutorial we will model a House in Maya 2017.

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Small Gorilla Tripod for desk :

Normal Tripod for outside :

Wacom tablet

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Sharkoon FireGlider Laser 3D Mouse

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Suben117 says:

I am new to all this so please reply
how do I get the house into nuke ?

Chrisimmer B says:

learned a lot from your tutorials <3

Mousa Halaseh says:

Mike you deserve all the best 🙂
and this is what i got for you.
Step1: Highlight the numbers
Step2: Ctrl and F
Step3: Put 9 in
Step4: Enjoy :)051541451431641621571721571511441234567881234567812345678123678326470547 2996473257499999650199625379989999993413269916749953349999914649932724997 2994567802992569930199056769909927336781467998299634699818991169966144990 2997364561990129985699801329959999012615302799995324993243699019923412993 2994567801993569980299356789939923456725634569974326992644399243992369936 2994567801992689901239967899029935245745315319931253399436998011992349950 2999999345299999388352999991039999991232012479934673289999982640499459201

Lester Robinson says:

Thank you very much. I have an assignment I have to do in Maya and I was feeling lost until I watched this video.

Harrison Stead says:

I cant do the roof
it doesnt work for meeee!
can u help

TIRTHANKAR Haldar says:

Thank you Sir….

BlueDragon Music Promotions says:

yes I needed a tutorial like this

Shaurya Singh says:

aah nice sir, make a sun light come in through window with dust effect for interior scene

Eranda pium says:

can you make a tutorial about render layers and render passes

Rommy Anny says:

nice video Mike, really helpfull

TheGodOf Purity says:

Hello! I created a wall and I exported to Unreal Engine 4 …….. but when I put it becomes very small … I do something wrong?

Temo Xachidze says:

nice work :):)

Nishas .V.Navas says:

Sir is it good or bad to use maya boolean difference

Sangeet Tuladhar says:

awesome ..Thanks for sharing

TheGodOf Purity says:

Hello! That button uses to duplicate?

AhmEd WalEed says:

good job

kallie mitchell says:

At the moment, you are so much better at teaching this then my teacher, so i thank you for getting me through my college class. Your a life saver!

TheGodOf Purity says:

Hello! Can you answer this question? When I duplicate an object and move it moves too and I can not place as I want !!!!!

Vanessa says:

Hi Mike 😀
I just want to say thank you for your tutorials!
Im a german Student from Bavaria studying interactive media. We also have to work with maya. And since I started waching your Videos I love 3D modeling!
Thank you lot!

Fabersoul says:

so with hard surface modelling it doesnt have to be one singe mesh? as in with a human head you need to have it connect and resolve perfectly but with say a house you can make separate pieces and just put them together?

Roberto Team Channel says:

i loved it

Soham Dutta says:


Leon Syla says:

could you model an oil rig/platform?

ZombieRumm says:

Do a boat!

Pascal Barth says:

hey 🙂 where did you get all these hdr pics from? would be nice to know 🙂 great video

Ultimate Ender says:

Can you make a video on how to texture a house?

MeanMachine995 says:

How do you have mental ray for Maya 2017? I don’t have the option in the programm and when I look on the nvidia page it says “coming soon for Maya 2017”

Erick Mallaco says:

nice video! how i get some HDRI ??

Bhupender Singh says:

Hey mike its great to learn from your tuts but need a little favor from you can you suggest a YouTube channel from where i cam learn organic or character modeling… Please
Thank you

Roberto Team Channel says:

Hey Mike can u do Talking cartoon in after effects plzzzz!!!!!!!

Servbot 42 says:

I am very excited to make this house!

Heriberto Calderon says:

love you Mike… more than chocolate cake .

Mamta Goyal says:

what is rebusfarm

Ginger Turquoise says:

This is so helpful, thank you ; v;

John Arthur Jovero says:

hey mike can you help me i have a problen how to revert the pivot point i pressed the + key i cant revert it back plssss help me

balvir singh says:

i want to up down right left one time bedroom after render how is software

Roninha says:

Has the possibility of give some basic HDRI available! or teaching how to create a hdr … thanks. sorry my bad english… i’m Brazillian hobbyst.

Kalyssta Drentwett says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. You helped me tremendously for my 3D modeling final.

Lucas Zanek says:

Thanks bro.. Im student of video Game Development .. And i studying maya… And i build this house complete.. Thanks for all!!!! Im from Argentina!

Ultimate Ender says:

How would I go about making like a replica of a real house but in 3d? Like if I had a picture of a house that I want to create in maya

Ahsan Rizvi says:

I hear his voice when im working in maya “press W to pull up”

Mikey Middleton says:

As someone who’s starting out, this was super informative for loads of little issues I have coming from someone who works more literally with stuff like inventor which is more creating shapes from lines, not from polygons.

I recently installed Mental ray and was wondering where you got all your awesome sky images?
Thanks a lot and keep it coming 🙂

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