Maya 2017 tutorial : How to model a simple wooden bucket

Hi guys, after being on the road for a few weeks traveling in the US I thought I would start things off easy by doing a simple wooden bucket in Maya 2017.

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khan bacha says:

great work…..

Shampoo Wow says:

Nice video! I like it

Lillian says:

At 18:48, I created the bridge (without extruding the edges) using Smooth path + curve, then raised the curve to create the arch. I pressed 4, selected the curve and raised those points.

Shamar Milton says:

Love your tutorials mike!

Atqedits says:

Nice I’m glad to see the videos still coming

Victor Niga says:

Great tutorial for beginners. Took me several hours but I did it! Thank you

Spo t says:

Hello Mike.
Thanks for that great tutorial 🙂
It was my first step to start with Maya 2017. It took me time, but I did it.
I have a question. I am using Mac pro, so
how I can find this option that you use insert key for?
And the moment when you put shadow on object, how you did it is not really clear for me.
Thanks for any answer from you 🙂

Dennis Holmgren says:

Nice to see new tutorials! I keep following along and learning with them! 🙂

Mistyisty says:

Keep up the work, these have taught me a lot.

Fabioo Gregorio De says:

i am the down here or the program is all bugged

kairus1 says:

Great tutorial!

John Arthur Jovero says:

yo man love your vids there awesome but may i ask some question?

Святослав Волынец says:

Ty very mutch!

Aleksandra Nowakowska says:

hey, I have a little problem
about 6:40 on the video, when I mark the vertex they are twisting instead of acting like on the video. Also, different window is showing up on the right side od the screen meanwhile. I am for sure going step by step with your actions. How can I fix it?

Finn Goon says:

maya is so hard

Nico L. says:

Instead of adding new edges I simply can bevel it or?

thryu says:

Thanks for the tutorial! At 36:38, instead of moving the cylinder face to the other end of the curve, you can just select Curves–> Reverse Direction to switch the beginning and end point of your curve.

Whitney Travis says:

Hi, beginner here! Wouldnt it have been easier just to create a cylinder polygon instead of the rectangle panels for the barrel body?

midori midori says:

nice video.I`m not speak English.I wont subtitle…

Jenny Park says:

Hey you just check off step snap -> Absolute -> off

Noémie Müller says:

These videos have helped me so much! Thank you for them and please keep them coming!

Thomas Boyer says:

thanks mike, good video

Plan B says:

It’s actually a bonus when things go wonky; In that we can learn from the mistake, or rather the condition. Thanks a million for taking the time to document your builds. Major helpful!!

OrphydianLearning says:

man the wireframe, and selection colours in maya are really bad. The default should be smth like in Cinema 4d, Modo or even those in max are more easily to the eye and make selections easier. The default light grey shader is not the best for modeling either.

tukor says:

Thank you a lot!!I dindt understand the extruding of the tube; i was not able to make it something was failing. So i used another method: Bonus tools- modelling- curve to tube meshh

فوا اسفاه ومن يلقى السراب says:


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