Maya 2017 tutorial : Modeling more complex objects

In this 3D modeling tutorial in Maya 2017 we will step it up a bit and start to model a slightly more complex mesh. This video will explain how to model a water bottle with a handle. After modeling it we will texture and render it in Keyshot.

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dharmendra sharma says:

sir can you tell me how to animate objects after rendering it .please

Alex F says:

10:10 If you shift+click and drag with the multi cut tool you’ll move up in increments of 10% so you don’t have to eyeball 50%

arav jain says:

can the texturing done in any other software except keyshot,preferably maya or mental ray.

حمد مسعود says:

I used some material its name:hairphysicalshader1, but it came in kind of good luck.

Vaan -Freddy Fazbear- says:

Good Tutorial 🙂 And just a question, I really really need that. When You export from maya to keyshot it doesn’t export Lights that were on the scene. How can you export them too to Keyshot? I need those or the project won’t be the same, I’m waiting for your answer :3
(sorry for any error or bad english, I’m italian XD)

Akarsh Goel says:

Hello Sir, I have just started Learning Maya and watched a lots of your videos. I’m using Maya 2017 and I don’t have much knowledge of texturing and rendering using Arnold renderer.

Thank you so much for these tutorials.

jakakorn says:

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that with the Multi Cut Tool, you can hold I think it’s Shift to lock onto the centre of a line.

Brooke Schlaphoff says:

thank you for these videos!

hossam gmal says:

Mike Hermes… would you mind to show me how to design a multi objects or may be a more human characters and how to control rig them in the same time

robbie pemberton says:

Can you do a tutorial on a womans mind? That’s about as complex as it gets. 😉

Carlos Alberto Mosqueda Villarroel says:

Hi Mike how have you been, I hope that everything is cool, Mike my question at this time is: what we must to do after the objects are with the materials, in 3d coat or keyshot, you finish your videos in this programs, but, you dont tell us what doing after, for example, This bottle as part of a scene from a movie shot. If I export this bottle with the materials to the scene in maya, again, later, the render Recognizes materials??

Nepu-Tech USA says:

Thanks for the video! 🙂 To me complex is like a humanoid even if it’s not photo realistic, but learning to make the face and hair is my
main goal. If you can make a human you can make anything!

and isn’t it spelled Jug? :p

Martin Martinez Jr says:

@ 18:07 when u delete the middle edge, what could be a reason why maya would NOT let u delete that center endge? im having trouble deleting it. after i ctrl+alt del it just stays highlighted

حمد مسعود says:

hit 3 to sooth mood but how to go back ????

Rotaru Iulian says:

character modeling ..i find really hard to make the right topology for animation..if you could make a tutorial about this pls

ctbram0627 says:

it will not pick the entire edge loop on the cap at around 7:05 because the top is an ngon. you can either select the top face and then extrude in to create quads and then select the loop or you can select the top face and the convert to edge loop to get the top loop or just manually select each edge as you did.

Rishikesh Nayudu says:

can you do more videos on effects and nDynamics..please.?

Dannton says:

I would not consider this as a complex object but I learned something anyways! For me personally complex are objects like cars, highly detailed guns etc. In conclusion stuff that you find on Artstation. It would say this is a beginner’s tutorial, maybe advanced beginner but in no way a complex model.
Just my opinion


will maya 2017 works in windows 8.1 with 4gb of ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 610, Intel core i3 – 4150 cpu?

robbie pemberton says:

@20:50 I was looking for what the notification was on my PC, cheers mike.

Oğuzhan Özdemir says:

KeyShot 5 Import Error
“water_bottle.fbx” does not contain 3d geometr.
You may need to export polygonal data from your modeling system.

I didn`t solve it. What is the problem ?

Rifayul Kabeer says:

keyshot error while importing maya file. Please help me…. link(screenshot)——>>>>

Tim Janssen says:

Hey mike, I have trouble making a bridge. (It only covers half of my selection only) please help me out 🙂

Akshath Rao says:

Hi Mike, in your next video can you please show how to model and Texture a superbike in Maya please

phreakii says:

You should fix all triangles then it would be good. A good topology is the difficult part.

Tony Sitlhou says:

Sir, I am a complete beginner with Maya so if u have time can you make a beginner tutorials please…

icantcomeupwithaname says:

The bridge tool isnt working. When I try using it, it bridges together only two of the edges i have selected. am i doing something wrong?

John Leung says:

I love your channel! 😀

Sahabuddin mollick says:

what book for Maya software is best

nigel smith says:

arch will be great

jorge says:

Nice tutorial, thank you very much

NoirWolf Creations says:

don’t know why but this just reminded me that song by Croce –Time In A Bottle

Doodles Mitão says:

6:22 You didn’t managed to select that whole edge loop, because the face they were in was a N-sided face.

mustafa ansari says:

i dont have keyshot
can we use the same material using maya?
any other option or keyshot is the best?
need abit of explanation

ZombieRumm says:

more organic shapes, or mid extrusion objects like squares extruded from squares, then beveled so the edge is not perfect so the UV is slightly harder. Please please do more UV
Also do a boat!

Mastre Ceef says:

To me a complex object is something like a car. I read what you said about the car below, but I guess I mean the body of a modern sports car can be tricky to get correct. Something with subtle curvature that doesn’t just boil down to a cylinder. Idk if any of this makes sense. I’ve just finished my first modelling class ever and our 2 main assignments were a car and a weapon asset.

Griffin Leadabrand says:

Your question asked what do we consider a complex object? To answer I would say modular pieces that share/draw-from the same texture maps are proving the hardest for me.
I am learning this stuff backwards, having started with modding, re-texturing vanilla assets, to modeling and making my own assets currently. But I can’t figure out how the devs make modular hall sets (for example) with snapping pieces that consist of short/mid/long, 1-way/2-way/3-way/4-way etc variants of the same hall, all which use the same diffuse/specular/normal maps.
I have tried to make such halls, and it’s not hard to make the pieces, but to make the UV work with all the variants doesn’t work out. I get the impression the UV is made for the base model first, and the variants are made afterwards, with the UV shells that are different, being placed in the 0-1 space around the base model’s shells. It’s tricky to describe, and it’s really tricky to pull off. 🙂
That’s my answer, and it’s also my first request. I would love to learn how to make this sort of thing. 😉
Now onto tackling this tutorial. 😀

Mahabub Telecom says:


Soumyodeep Dey says:

As always your tutorials are most illustrated and helpful. I have learnt so many basics from your tutorials only. It will be very helpful for me if you make at least one basic tutorial of character modeling.

Zeyad Assalie says:

hello Mike when I import scene in keyshot 6 is making a crash and stop the program any idea for that problem? and thanks

Prathamesh Waykole says:

awesome works sir… keep going on…

Riot Fist says:

you are so awesome

Stanko Kuzet says:

hey Mike, the problem you are facing at 11:22ish… next time you use the tool, hold down shift before left clicking on your object.. works like in photoshop when you want a straight line 🙂

manuel biondo says:

Nice tutorial! but i have a problem, at 18:07 you hit ctrl+del and you delete the edges.
I selected the edges as you did but when i hit ctrl+del they don’t disappear. Can anyone help me?

Saf Animations says:

how do you model an architectural building to scale…feet and inches. please help! Import an AutoCAD file and trace the floor plan in feet and inches

Mohammed Zahoor says:

MikeHermes, I like your tutorials and way of details explanation. Keep it up 🙂 thanks a lot I learn many tips & techniques…
thanks once again… I want to request tyre with displacement map material etc…

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